Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Funday # 78

It's Monday Funday time again everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderfully blessed Easter with lots of family, fun and most of all filled with God's love!!  Our family had a big breakfast and some fun time at home.  Then we were off to church for a wonderful Easter service.  After church, we came home and changed out of our dress clothes and went to the Grandparent's house.  There we had lunch and the kids hunted Easter eggs.  After hunting eggs there, we came home and I hid them for the kids to hunt again.  Mr.Boo had to have a turn hiding them so Sissy and Mom could find them.  Okay, yes I am 39 and yes I still love to hunt Easter eggs.  I REFUSE to grow up all the way.  I didn't think to take pictures until after we had finished hunting for eggs.  I am horrible to think of it after the fact because I am too caught up in the fun to stop and get the camera out.  

We also had a great time on Saturday.  After hubby and his dad got back from turkey hunting, they both got a turkey, we had another family fishing day.  Hubby, Mr.Boo and I piled into one boat and Grammy, Papa and Lulu piled into the other.  We caught quite a few fish.  Mr. Boo was not impressed with the walleye since they have teeth. We now have loads of turkey and fish in our freezer.  I think I could fix fish once a week for a year with all the fish we have.  

Right now I need to get off of the computer and get to work.  I am trying to get a routine going, when I don't have orders that is.  I am going to try and do one thing each day to get ahead on my stock for orders.  Right now I am debating on doing a craft fair in the fall and would like to have enough sets and dolls and such made up to be able to sell tons.  I just have to get up enough nerve to do it. Please pray that the Lord will show me what He would have me do. It's a big step and I know I can't take it with out Him.  Now I am off to cut out and put together as many dolls as possible today. I hope all of you have a fantastic week!

Edible Easter Baskets from The Lady Prefers To Save

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Funday # 77

Happy Monday everyone. I have had a crazy busy month already!  I have had tons of orders from the Storybook Felts Shop and have been swamped trying to get those out.  I did take a break this weekend and went fishing.  The whole family went including the grandparents.  We had a lot of fun and brought home some yummy fish to eat and put in the freezer for later. Please forgive me for not being around here much.  Being so busy with getting orders out, I have had little time for much else. I haven't even taken the time to email some of you back and that is something I hate putting off.  I love to talk to all of you who leave comments. I don't want you to feel like I am ignoring you I have been reading your comments and smile at each one.  I just have not had a chance to get back to you yet.  Now I am off to get some more orders out and catch up on some items that I have run out of.  Have a fantastic week everyone!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Funday # 76

Hey everyone!  I am running a little late with my post today.  I have been swamped with order from the Storybook Felts Shop and had to get some house cleaning done before I did my post.  There are some great posts featured this week.  One is super cute and the other is super yummy.  Go have a peek and then link up all of your fantastic goodies.  I can't wait to see what you have to post.  Oh and this month I got the pictures back up.  Somehow I messed up last month and click on link only instead of images.  Have a fantastic and blessed week. 

Lampshade Redo from (un)Deniably Domestic

Waffle Love CopyCat Recipe from Lou Lou Girls