Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Angel Bear Snuggle Blanket

My Angel Bear Snuggle Blanket has been tested and is ready to go.
It can be purchased on my pattern page, in my Ravelry store and in my Craftsy store.

Here is the picture I just received from one of my testers...Amy.

And here is the finished product of this little thing.

Oink OinOink  SNORT

This little fellow is being tested and will be available soon.  Yes, This piggy is very silly but the kids love him!!  I would love to know what you think.

Have a great day!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Another Hot Dry Saturday

Happy Weekend everyone!!  Hope you are all staying cool in this heat.  We are hot and dry here in the US and over in the UK they are getting rain dumped on them by the barrel full.  Too bad we couldn't swap for a week or two. We did finally get a  little shower last night.  The kids were disappointed because we were on our way home from having dinner out  when it started and by the time we got home it had stopped.  We have a better chance tomorrow so maybe they can get out in it then.  It did cool things off a little and smelled wonderful.  Our high for today is only supposed to be 99F.  Last night it was 106 on the way home.  Then when we hit the rain it dropped to 76 but oh was it sticky humid.

Okay enough with the weather reports!!  This is what I have been up to this week.

This one is Pink and Purple.
It's funny.  The blue one in a little smaller than the pink one.  I used the same brand yarn and same hook, but the blue one turned out a little different.

The pattern is all finished and is being tested as we speak.  I want to get a few more of these made to get sent off to the Project Hope Organization so they can get them in the boxes.  

I am in the process of making a new pattern also.  I can only give you a little sneak peek though.  I would have it finished by had a bit of a sick day yesterday. 
I know you are thinking "What in the world it that thing going to be!".  Well if it all works out you will find out soon.  And just to let you know, it is actually laying on its side. :)

 I have received some of my goodies from the Santa Sack Swap.  
 Here is the sack it was all in .  I love the colors.  The top color looks black here but it is actually a lovely blue.
I must say it is going to be hard to wait to open all of these lovely packages until December.  She plans to send just a few more.  We hadn't agreed on how we would ship them but decided to send as many as we could together.  This will help cut down on shipping amounts.  

And here is what I shipped out to her.  I'm sure she has received hers also.
This is the stocking I made.  It is actually supposed to be used to hang on the door.  It is really big.  You can find the pattern for it here.  I had planned on doing it in the red that the pattern called for but when I got to Joann's to get the yarn they had this ocean blue and it was her favorite color so I couldn't resist.

Sorry couldn't get this one to flip.  I wrapped the stocking so it would be a surprise when she got it.  Then I sent her first two gifts also.  

Well I am off to take the kids swimming for a bit.  I finally get to go next week.  That has been one of the hard parts of having this surgery.  After swimming I hope to get the little pink thing finished.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!!  Don't forget to enter my Silk Scarf Giveaway and the Lace Pendant Giveaway.  Both of them are international.  Good Luck!!

I am also participating in this blog hop.  Go have a look at all of the other who are there.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Indian Silk Shop Yarn Review and Giveaway...Two Winners

I am very excited to share with you a new yarn that I just received.  Can you be in love with yarn? This yarn is unlike any other I have every used or seen.  This yarn is 100% silk and comes from India.  It can be purchased online at the Indian Silk Shop.  The Indian Silk Shop is located in the silk state of Karnataka India. 80% of Indian Silk is produced there.  They are Pioneers, Manufacturers and have been in the Silk Industry for 5 decades. Indian Silk Shop is also the number one manufacturer and supplier of spun, duke and rowing silk yarns in India.

These are what the silk cocoons look like.  These little cocoons are where the yarn comes from.

Here is what I received....  Don't they look like candy!!  Yummy Yummy!!
Eight different colors and types of yarn as well as a beautiful, 100% silk, hand painted scarf.

These two are my absolute favorites!!  I wish you could see them and hold them in your hands.  The camera does nothing for them.  These are both the Duke Silk but have a different texture.  The one on the left is a two ply.  Look at the shine.

These are the Lyba Silk, and the Queen Silk

These are the Machine Spun Sari Silk Yarn and the beautiful Hand painted scarf.

Now to tell you a little bit about each yarn and give you a close up so you can see the textures and shine.

Duke Silk  Duke Silk Lurex
Duke silk is a very soft and shiny worsted weight yarn which is spun from the silk tops.  Extra luster and shine can be added to this yarn at the time of dyeing.

Reeled Silk
Reeled Silk showcases the sheen and luster of silk in its most spectacular form.  This is also a worsted weight yarn.  It has extra shine and a very soft nature.  Reeled silk is the purest form of silk as it is the first by product of the cocoon.

Hand Spun and Machine Spun
The Hand Spun Sari Silk Yarns are manufactured on vintage, handmade machines, called Taklis.  The Taklis are also known as a spinning wheel.  The leftovers of silk fibers are spun together resulting in a beautiful hand spun silk yarn.  These yarns are also call Sari Silk Yarns.  The hand spun has a rougher texture. The machine spun yarns are done the same way.  The leftovers are gathered up and spun together to make a beautiful yarn.  The machine spun yarn has a smoother texture.

Lyba Silk
Lyba Silk is a very superior combed spun silk.  It is a 4-ply yarn.  

Queen Silk
Queen Silk has created its own history in the world of knitting.  It is a lace weight yarn.  The yarn has greet sheen and is usually dyed in solid colors and also tie dyed pattern colors.

I can't wait to use my yarns to make some scarfs.  My mother in law has claimed two of them for herself.  The only problem is that they were also my favorites.  When I opened the yarns and took them out of their packages I could not believe the different textures.  They all have the most unbelievable shine that I have ever seen.  Once you get them in your hands you do not want to put them down.  They were all so soft and smooth.  The hand spun is a little courser than the rest but it is so colorful and unique.  Trust me if you ever get your hands on these silk yarns you won't want to go back to anything else.  They can also be made in any color you can imagine.  I wish you could reach into the screen and feel of these yarns yourself.  I can not begin to tell about you the amazing quality and texture, but I hope you can get an idea from the closeup pictures.  I wish I could send each of you a sample in your favorite color.  If you get a chance to purchase some of this for yourself I highly recommend it!!  The best part is they ship worldwide within 2 working days. It took less than a week for me to receive my shipment.

They also sent me a beautiful hand painted silk scarf.  It is so soft an luxurious.

Look at all of those colors.  I can't wait to wear it and show it off.  The best part is I get to share one of these wonderful scarfs with two of you.  I will be giving away two different sized scarfs that will be chosen by the Indian Silk Shop owner to be sent to the winners.  To enter to win please use the Rafflecopter entry form below.  This is an international giveaway!! Good luck!!
Disclosure: I was provided with the product(s) mentioned for review purposes. All opinions are my own. I can not be held responsible for sponsor not shipping products.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jeweled By Sukran Lace Pendant Giveaway

Sukran Kirtis is the owner of the Jeweled by Sukran Etsy store. She has been making jewelry for 12 years and it shows in the beautiful one of a kind items that you can find in her shop. Sukran, who is from Istanbul Turkey but now lives in Florida, specializes in one of a kind bridal jewelry.  The items that she carries in her Etsy shop include items like Pearl Bridal Jewelry, Crochet Jewelry, Lace Jewelry  and Precious Stone Jewelry.  You can also visit her blog, Sukran Kirtis Classiques,  Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up to date on her designs.

 Here is a little more about here in her own words from her Etsy shop :

I believe I have had many surprises and opportunities that have brought me to this point in my great life adventure. This is my story........ At a very early age, I started to crochet in the traditional Turkish patterns when other children were playing out of doors at the playground. I made mistakes at first, but now those changes have become my artistic vision.

I studied at the Art University of Istanbul, but before completing my studies I received a great job offer to become an accessories designer for a very large export textile company. I fell in love with all textile supplies, and started to create my own style in fashion which I call Bohemian Elegant Chic.

My life adventure continued in the United States where I had my jewelry business, but also took some more art classes – painting, drawing, ceramics, etc. - at the University of South Florida.

My jewelry is on display in galleries, boutiques and has appeared in art shows in South Florida. 
My sister has a lace scarf and crochet accessories shop on Etsy if you would like to view: www.etsy.com/shop/sisterslace 

Here are just a few of Sukran's beautiful designs :

Ivory Bridal Lace Necklace Pearl Tri Rhinestone Sterling Silver Chain Dainty Scallop     Nostalgic Little Sweet Droop Silver Rhinestone Post Earrings Crocheted Ivory Bridal Jewelry  Puffy under 25 50
Lapis Lazuli Silver Pendant  Efective Against Depression, Wisdom Symbol Cobalt Blue Tear Drop Oxidized  Gold Butterfly Lace Macrame Knot  Bracelet  Black Cuff Filigree Wings
Pink Stone Seed Bead Necklace - Pick Your Color - Made To Order - Aybike -Purple Silk Gold Crocheted Lace Pendant- Rhinestone Pearl Beaded Pendant - Pink Gold Purple

Now that you have seen some of the wonderfully gorgeous items that she has in her shop why not enter to win one. Up for grabs is this beautiful Antique Mistral Raspberry Red Scallop Lace Filigree Pendant on a Copper Chain. 

Mistral Raspberry Red Lace Pendant Scallop Filigree Antique Copper Chain Ruby Red

In order to win you will need to use the Rafflecopter form below. This is an international Giveaway!! Giveaway ends 7/16/2012. Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway