Monday, September 22, 2014

Back For Now

Hello everyone! I can't believe how long I have been away.  I did post a book review this month but that has been it.  A lot has happened since I last posted.  Mr. Boo broke his arm AGAIN.  Same arm different place. We were camping the week before school started and we had just bought him a new foot powered Razor scooter.  He was scooting along when all of a sudden he went down.  He hit his arm and leg on the pavement.  Then the bad part happened...the scooter came down and hit his arm and snap.

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He had to have another long arm cast. 

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Of course he had to start school with a cast one his arm.  Here are Mr.Boo and Lulu on their first day back.  Boo is now a 4th Grader and Lulu...GULP...started high school this year in the 10th grade.

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He now has a short arm cast on that will hopefully come off this Wednesday.

I have also been working on loads of new things for the Storybook Felts Etsy shop. You can stop by the Storybook Felts blog everyday this week for a peek at all the new items that have been added.
Here is a little peek at just one of the new items.

 I have also been busy changing things up in the shop.  Taking new pictures to update the items and combining some of the items to make them easier to list and order.  

I'm not sure when I will be back with Monday Funday. Right now I am trying to focus all my time on Storybook Felts.  I will be back off and on with updates and book reviews and such. I would love for you to follow my Storybook Felts blog so that we can keep in touch. Come visit me on Facebook as Storybook Felts.  While you are there, stop by my Storybook Felts Facebook Page and give me a like. Storybook Felts is also in Intagram.

I hope all of you have a fantastic week and I will see you soon.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Match of Wits by Jen Turano Book Review

I received this book from the Bethany House reviewer program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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A Match of Wits

A Match of Wits by Jen Turano


From the back cover...

After his departure from New York two years ago to meet up with him almost-fiancee, Zayne Beckett is the last person Agatha Watson wanted to stumble upon in her travels as a reporter with the New York Tribune. Quite pathetically bedraggled, he clearly needs to be taken in hand and sent back East to his family.  Although she no longer has feelings for him, Agatha realizes - by hook or by crook- she'll have to be the one to get the obstinate man home.

Zayne has no desire to be taken anywhere and is prepared to drag his heels all the way home...until he finds himself slipping back into the familiar banter of his former friendship with Agatha.  Once they arrive in New York, Zayne realizes Agatha's determined nose for news has earned her a few enemies, and he hopes to repay her help with some help of his own.  When she rebuffs all his attempts to prove himself a knight in shining armor, the lengths to which they'll go to win this battle of wills lead to some memorable antics.

Everyone else may think them a match, but nothing could be further from the truth-until Agatha finds herself in real trouble. Have these two stubborn, to-smart-for-their-own-good people been meant for each other all along?

A Match of Wits is book #4 in Jen Turano's Ladies of Distinction series.

Agatha is not your usual heroine in a historical fiction novel.  She is strong willed and a lot trouble.  She is bound and determined to get her story one way or the other...even if it means dragging down everyone around her or getting killed in the process. She seems to keep herself in no end of trouble.

Zayne is almost as strong willed as Agatha but he can't resist a challenge that involves her and wants to protect her and find her a man who will take care of her and force her to settle her wild ways.

This book started out a little slow for me.  I did stick with it however and had fun in the end.  I do have to say though, my favorite character in the whole book was Matilda.  Matilda is a pig...but do not let her hear you call her that.  There were places in the beginning where the story would lag and Matilda would step in and save the day for me.

To find out more about Jen Turano and all of her books please visit her website.