Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Funday #27.... Camping And A New Baby

I just typed this post up once then it disappeared after I posted it.  There are days that Blogger and I do not get along.  Don't remember exactly what was said in the original post.  But here we go again.

The kids were on spring break last week and even though it was cold and snowy all week we still had a blast inside.  Mr.Boo had his 8th Birthday on Tuesday and wanted a camping party.  He had asked for a tent and sleeping bag and all the other goodies to go with a camp out.  The only problem was it was 29 degrees F at night and not real warm during the day.  So being the cool mom that I am...
We camped inside.

We went outside and a gathered firewood for a "camp fire" and then came back in and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.

While outside, we also found some "Poles" to use for fishing.  Then tied yarn on the pole, with a binder clip holding a magnet at the end.  I had printed out fish images onto colored card stock and the kids cut them out.  Then we put a paper clip on them so the magnet would pick them up.  First we spread them out on the kitchen floor and fished.  Then we decided since it was cold we should go ice fishing also and up the fish is a "pond" (laundry basket) and caught them that way too.  We even had old boots and tires. Miss Tootie caught a cute little crab.

Boo wanted a rainbow cake decorated with  M & M's.  It has a fisherman in a pond, a tree, and some bears watching the fisherman.

Hello Birthday Boy!!  Gotta love a good party hat!!

Here is the inside of the cake. Rainbow layers.  Yummy!!

Then we made dirt cups. Of course they had to have gummy worms in them.  Then Boo decided they needed bugs and added raisins.  Then he proceeded to inform me that they were now healthier because of the raisins.  Mom had to have a few rocks (chopped walnuts) as well.

We had been waiting all week for news on my new little nephew.  He was due on Boo's birthday on Tuesday but he never came.  Finally on Saturday they put his mommy in the hospital and induced her not once but twice.  Guess what...nothing happened.  Then last night around 6 they little fellow decided it was time to get the ball rolling.  He arrived healthy and happy around 10:45pm.

 I would like to introduce to you...
Owen Arthur Pitcher...
Born 3/24/2013 at 10:45pm
8lbs 14oz ... 21" Long
 Welcome to the world sweet sweet baby boy!!

It has taken every thing I've got in me not to hop on the next plane to New York so I can go hold that sweet baby. They have promised a trip to see us next year though so maybe I can wait that long.  I'm so proud of my brother!!  He is a Fireman now and has a new sweet baby.  Way to go Big Brother!!!

Auntie Mel has been working on lots of goodies for him.  His blankie is almost finished.
I started with the darker color but I ran out.  Hobby Lobby is having trouble getting their yarn in stock, even online, so I had to use a different color to finish it.  So, it will be a half and half blanket.  I love the texture it has to it and it is so soft.  I made the pattern up so I may have it up for sale soon.

I made this yesterday.  I have had a hard time not making a huge amount of goodies for him.  I also see stuff in the store and have to pick it up.  

Now I have to go finish this little fireman picture by putting his name and birthday on it.  Than I have to see if I can fit it all in the box I had to go buy today.  I started out with a med. flat rate box and overflowed it so I had to go buy a bigger box at the store this morning and wound up buying more goodies while I was there.  

Feel free to link up what you have been up to below.  I always love to see what everyone has been working on.

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