Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Funday #64

Happy Monday!!  I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend.  I have been working on getting orders out.  Last week was a long week here at our house.  The kids were supposed to go back to school Monday...Didn't happen.  They did finally go back on Wednesday but were out again on Thursday due to ice overnight. They made it back on Friday and will be there with bells on today.  

Mr.Boo is so excited.  He is the spelling champ for his class and will be in the school spelling B today.  They have two children from each class for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  They will all compete against one another.  I worked with him over the weekend on the HUGE list of words that they sent home.  I couldn't even pronounce some of them let alone spell them, but he has all the words from 1st through 4th grade memorized, as well as most of the words from 6th and 7th.  He amazes me!!  We are just praying he does well for his sake because he will be heart broken if he doesn't.  I never have been a very good speller (gotta love spell check!!) and none of the rest of us around here are all that great either.  We always ask him how to spell a word if we can't figure it out.  

I'm off to finish up an order so go link up all your goodies and check out some of the other links that are down there as well. Make someones day by leaving a comment and letting them know you liked their post. Have a great week!!


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  1. Hi Melissa, thanks so much for hosting and good luck on your son's spelling bee. Have a nice week.


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