Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Little Guy and His Favorite Blankie

Here sits my little man.  Mr. Blankie has become a tent this morning.  He is under there playing on mom's phone. 
Sir...Sir...may I have a word with you please?  Peekaboo mom.  He is getting so big.  Where has my little baby gone?  He will be 7 in March and mom is not ready.  My oldest baby(my sweet girl) will be a teenager. AHHHHHHH!!! Oh the horror.

I have been so busy I have not had time to finish up all my baby gifts.  Mr. Boo is so happy though, his favorite P.E. Coach is having...drum roll please...A BOY!!!
I went the other day and purchased all the yarn I needed to get her snuggles started.  But first I have one snuggle bunny to finish crocheting, and then will have to put faces on it and the other two I have finished.  Then I have been ordered to start my Christmas goodies for the kiddos.  A red puppy scarf for Mr. Boo from He wants the puppies red with black ears.
Image for Scarf - Puppy Dog DIY Craft Project
And for Princess Hopeynope, Penguins from a wonderful blog I found  If you would like the pattern for these just click on the pictures.  She has over 1000 patterns on her site and they are all wonderful. I hope to get private done because he is her favorite.  Maybe the others can be a birthday gift.  They are so cute!!

Well I am off to sit in my favorite chair with my latest project.  I will try to post pics of the scarf an penguins as they are getting worked on and finished.  Have a great day everyone.

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