Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Tired Mom

It has been quite a week at our house.  Monday was one tough day to get through.  It started out pretty good.  Took the kids off to school.  Then, I made a trip to the natural food store to get some yummy non-dairy ice cream and candy bar goodness for myself. I also bought some yummy Wow Butter.

We are loving this stuff!!  With Lulu having a peanut allergy it has been wonderful to find something that taste almost identical for Boo because he love PB&J.  It also comes in crunchy too.

After I left there I was on my way home.  I tend to be a back road taker.  I hate driving in traffic and avoid it at all costs.  Plus, there is loads of road construction in our local area right now that makes traffic even more of a nightmare. I was zipping down one of said back roads distractedly thinking about things I need to do and things that needed picked up from the store when out of the corner of my eye I see Mr. Police man.  I of course slammed on the break and got slowed down. The road I was on had a speed limit of 40.  I made it by him with no lighst flashing at me.  Then, he proceeded to pull out behind me. By this time I am breathing hard and beginning to literally feel like I was going to pass out.  We are talking the black fuzzies and all.  Then, to my horror, he hit those pretty blue lights and over I pulled.  He was very nice and politely asked why exactly I was running 54 in a 40.  I told him I honestly didn't realize I was.  Of course he wanted the basics, license, registration and insurance info.  I gave him a good giggle by handing him my Sam's card instead of my license.  Off he went with all my info back to his car.  Pretty soon back he came with his little paper pad.  He requested a number that I could be reached at.  Then, to my shock he handed me not at ticket, but a warning.  I thanked him a few times and told him I really was sorry. His reply was that it was okay, "It happens sometimes". Then he told me to be careful and I was off to the house praising the good Lord that I only got a warning.  I said poo on stopping anywhere else and just went home.

I made it home fine, checked a few emails and had a little lunch.  Just as I was taking my last bite of lunch, my cell rang.  It was the sweet nurse at Boo's school calling to let me know that he had fallen off the monkey bars during recess and was inconsolable.  They also could not get him to move the arm he had fallen on.  Off I went again.  I did head the warning I had been given earlier that morning and did not speed and was very careful all the way there. The minute I walked in the nurse's office he melted down. Now it was off to see doc for an x-ray.  Called hubby on the way and he met us at the doctor per little man's request.  We got a couple x-rays and found out that yes, it was broken right above his elbow.  The fantastic nurse that we have put his arm in a sling and then used bandages to wrap his arm tight to his body.  Next, we were off to the orthopedic doctor. We had a good 45 minute wait.  The doctor decided that he did not need to pin it and would just put a cast on it then x-ray it again to make sure it was staying put.  X-rays were taken again and unfortunately, while they were putting the cast on, his bone shifted.  We were then informed that he would need it pined after all. We have not had that done yet but should find out when it will happen today...I hope!

He is still really sore,  He is sleeping wonderfully though and is only on over the counter pain meds. He has been waking up only once a night around 2:30.  Mom however has not been sleeping well. I am one of those people who has trouble going back to sleep once they have woke up. He was home with me all day yesterday trying to get the little things figured out.  Like how to pull up his pants after going to the bathroom and such.  He did go back to school today.  I was not thrilled about sending him but with him having to have the pins put in, he will be out with that and then again when they pull them back out.  He said he was excited to be going back and seeing all his friends.

I think I am off to have a little rest.  Then I'll be back to get the kids later.  I hope your week has been great.  Please keep my little man in your thoughts and prayers that he will get the pins put in this week so that he can start healing and get back to being his active self again soon.


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