Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Funday #55

Oh what a happy Monday today will be!!
At 1:45 this afternoon Mr. Boo will be getting his cast removed !!!! Everyone in our house is so excited.  It has been a long 7 weeks for all of us, especially him.  He said Sunday that he was ready to get it off but he wasn't at the same time. When asked to explain he said he had no idea why.

I hope all of you had a great month in October!  November seems to start the count down until Christmas at our house.  Christmas presents have already started being ordered and are on their way here, to be hid in super secret places...and hopefully not forgotten! My kids are getting older and it is harder to find things that they want or even need. There are always loads of things on their Christmas lists.  A lot of the items tend to be random things that they see on t.v. and think "Hey that's cool!  Let's add it to the list", knowing it probably won't ever materialize under the tree.  They are always happy with what they get and know if they really wanted something but didn't get it that there is a possibility it will arrive for a birthday. They have also learned that if it is the newest hottest thing, it WILL NOT be under our tree.  I very seldom buy things when they first come out.  They always go way down after the new has worn off and thus become reasonably priced. 

Have a great week and I would love to hear what you plan on getting your kids for Christmas or if you have started shopping yet.

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