Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Funday #56

Yes, my dearies, it is Monday again. 
Last week flew by in a blur here.  Boo got his cast off on Monday.


 He still had the bandages and cleaning solution on from where they pulled his pins. We started therapy for it on Wednesday.  We have to do stretches everyday to get the muscles straightened back out. After 7 weeks in that cast his arm didn't want to straighten out all the way.  In  just 3 or 4 days of doing the stretches, we have almost gotten it back to normal.  Gotta love how fast kids bounce back.  

I have also been crazy busy with orders for my Storybook Felts line. I have three large orders for Christmas gifts.  I also have been working on some cute coasters and ornaments and hope to get them up in the shop this week. By the way, I am running a little "sale" in my Storybook Felts shop.  If you order a personalized doll set (with book)or a felt book, and add a tooth pouch to your order I will personalize the tooth pouch for free.

That's all I have for now so...On with the featured links for this week.

mom's sour cream cookies recipe

Congratulations to our featured links.  Now go link up your goodies!! I off to make fun things with felt!!

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  1. Hi Melissa, I love the features and thanks for hosting. So glad you son has cast off and can heal now! Have a great week. Julie


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