Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Funday # 77

Happy Monday everyone. I have had a crazy busy month already!  I have had tons of orders from the Storybook Felts Shop and have been swamped trying to get those out.  I did take a break this weekend and went fishing.  The whole family went including the grandparents.  We had a lot of fun and brought home some yummy fish to eat and put in the freezer for later. Please forgive me for not being around here much.  Being so busy with getting orders out, I have had little time for much else. I haven't even taken the time to email some of you back and that is something I hate putting off.  I love to talk to all of you who leave comments. I don't want you to feel like I am ignoring you I have been reading your comments and smile at each one.  I just have not had a chance to get back to you yet.  Now I am off to get some more orders out and catch up on some items that I have run out of.  Have a fantastic week everyone!

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  1. Hi Melissa, please don't worry about getting back to us. I understand how you must be really busy with your orders and that is a good thing! Thanks for the feature of my Easter Bunny Cake! Have a nice week.


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