Monday, May 7, 2012

My Mother's Day Hat and A Silly Breakfast

I have been crazy busy the last week or so.  Somewhere along the way I have lost my crochet urge.  I did make some flowers to go on my hat for the Mother Daughter banquet I attended over the weekend.  It was more of a Mother Daughter and a son banquet as hubby was fishing and couldn't keep our little man.  He had fun anyway.  So here is my hat that I was FORCED to wear.  Let me just say I am not normally at hat person. My mom(IL) loves hats and has a few that she really likes.  My idea of a hat is a baseball cap for when I am riding my bike with the kids or something. And I do have my Little House on the Prairie bonnet that I just love.  So as I said I was FORCED to wear a fancy hat.  Of course I didn't have one.  On the hunt for Boo a straw cowboy hat which I found at the Dollar Tree for $1, I also found a hat for me there as well (also $1).
Here is my $1 hat.  It is kind of a denim blue but not quite. Yes it is a little plain.

Here it is after I added some flowers and a crocheted band.  Sorry that one is a little dark for some reason.  I wanted to add a lot more but ran out of time to do it in.  I was finishing the attaching of the stuff the morning of the banquet.

Boo was the only boy at the banquet but he did get to draw names for the prizes that were given out.    We had a lot of fun.  We had lunch and lots of fruit and desserts.  Then there were a few ladies who sang and there was a guest speaker.  It turned out very well and a lot of ladies attended.  


Mr.Boo loves bacon and pancakes for breakfast.  Since I am not a pancake maker the kids either have to talk daddy into making them or they have to make due with the store bought ones. Tootie would rather eat toaster waffles than the microwave pancakes but boo is not that picky.  So that is what he has for breakfast most days, Mini pancakes and Bacon.  But why can't we have a little fun with it.  Who says breakfast can't be fun, silly and yummy all at the same time.  Meet Pancake Guy!!

Boo gets a kick out of this most mornings.  He loves to sit in the living room floor and have a picnic breakfast while watching TV and getting awake before he has to get ready for school.  He uses a little plastic bench for a table.  Of course Mr. Pancake guy has to have a little hair gel (syrup) to keep his hair looking nice. And for some reason he keeps smelling bacon.  And yes my kids eat breakfast off of a Styrofoam plate.  Saves on dishes and my sanity.

Hope you enjoyed my post and now I am off to write up a review so stay tuned.  It is for all of the Ladies and Gents out there who like to deer or turkey hunt.   Don't forget to enter the In a Pikle Bag Giveaway HERE, and the Thirty-One Giveaway HERE . Have a great day.


  1. Love the hat!!! I also love the pancake face :-)

  2. Pancake guy is a great fun idea! And I totally agree, breakfast can be fun as well as nourishing :-)

    Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times


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