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A-Way Hunting Products Review

About the company and how it started.
A-Way Hunting Products was established in 1991 with the goal of bringing unique and effective hunting products to hunters all over the world. They started with one wooden turkey call and grew from there. Owners Fred and Greg Abbas started selling their goods at trade shows throughout the U.S. and established great friendships with hunters, vendors and promoters that last to this day. They love talking with hunters at these shows and continue to attend them in person in order to keep in touch with their old friends and meet new ones along the way. They will never feel too big to stay in touch with those that got them where they are today. Fred and Greg's, honest at all cost philosophy, is how their business is run today. If you should ever have a problem with one of their products, they will work very hard to see that you are taken care of to your satisfaction.
 In 2004 Greg had this living memorial built for his father as a surprise gift. It was designed after a picture of Fred's largest buck, "The Big Guy Buck" who scored 183 7/8 P&Y/B&C. Greg said that "too many people wait until its too late to tell a loved one how much they are appreciated and loved. I wanted to give my dad a living memorial to say just that."

Away Hunting Products, carries a variety of deer, turkey and hog hunting products as well as DVDs, stickers and caps. They also have a television show titled Away Outdoors, which my husband loves to watch.

You can find out more about them by visiting their website or their Facebook Page.  By visiting their Facebook page you can receive special discounts as well as keep up with what is going on with the A-way team.  While you are on their website please visit their Giveaway page to enter to win awesome products as well as a $10,000 shopping spree.  You can also watch the A-ways Outdoors hunting show episodes only for free at


My husband and father in-law are avid hunters.  They mostly hunt for deer, turkey and elk in our area, but would hunt anything else given the chance. Now that my children are getting older they also have started hunting with dad.  My seven year old son had the chance to go turkey hunting last year during the youth hunt but they couldn't call them in.  This year they got a few gobblers to come in but not within range for him to shoot them.  Even though he didn't get to shoot he was not disappointed because he at least got to see them up close and hear and see what they do in the wild.  He also got to spend special time with dad. I realize that a lot of people think hunting is cruel but that is how my family lives.  My family doesn't hunt just for the sport of it, we eat 100% of the meat that is taken from the animals and none of it goes to waste.  The main reason our son wants to shoot a turkey is to eat it.

In order to get a deer or turkey to come in close enough to shoot it, sometimes a hunter needs a little help.  This is where hunting products, like those from A-Way, come in handy.  We have had the opportunity to try out two of A-way's calls.  The first is the Fatal Attraction Turkey call which is on sale for $10.00 off this week. The Second is the Bowgrunter Plus deer call.
The Fatal Attraction Turkey call is actually two calls in one.  It features the crystal on the front side.  This provides a higher frequency, young hen sound that penetrates the woods for long range calling.

The back side of the call is slate. This side imitates the softer purrs and raspy sounds of the old boss hen.  This is ideal for mid to short range calling. It also includes an acrylic striker that allows both sides to work in damp or rainy weather.

The Bowgrunter Plus is the only patented "social" deer call.  With this "social" deer call, you will draw the deers curiosity rather than scare them away.  This call is also the world's only 100% hands free patented interactive deer call.  

This call pins to your clothing, as pictured below, so that it can be used hands free.  This way you can draw your bow or steady your gun while calling in that big buck. This call has 4 different, easily adjustable, tones.  Attached easily to clothing and stays out of the way for easy of movement.

Both of these calls were a big hit with everyone in the family.  They are super simple to use and well made.  Even a person who has never tried to use a call before, such as myself, will have no problem using these.  My seven year old son was shown how to use them and had no problem whatsoever making realistic turkey and deer sounds with them.  There are detailed instructions on the back of each package that tells you how to use them also.  Both of these calls are light weight and easy to carry in and out of the woods either in a pocket or vest.  They do recommend that you remove the Bowgrunter if you are walking through the woods so that you don't snag the tubing on a limb or something. My family and I would highly recommend any of A-ways products for the hunter in your life!! And please if you have the chance, take a child hunting it just might change their lives and yours!!

Don't forget to visit A-ways website, to see their weekly specials and enter their latest giveaways, as well as visit their Facebook page to find out about special offers and discounts.
Disclosure: I was provided with the product(s) mentioned for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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