Monday, May 14, 2012

A New Week

Happy Monday everyone!!  I hope all of you here in the US had a wonderful Mother's Day.  My little man came in and crawled in bed with me then snuggled for awhile.  We then had a rousing game of tickle bugs until daddy rolled over and said SHHHHHHH!!!  Then I was informed I could not leave my room because he was going to make a Mother's Day treasure hunt for me.  So he made up clues and then sister came along and helped him make a map also. 

 I got a lovely card and some beautiful flowers that Kendra bought me at school.

The lovely crochet daisy chain in the back was a gift from my dear friend Susan from

She won one of my giveaways around her birthday so I sent her a couple goodies with the prize.  She in turn made me some wonderful goodies and sent them to me.  That's one thing about these blogs.  You can make some of the best friends from all over the world.  

I am going to be busy this week cleaning house like a mad woman.  I usually start out like this...

and then end up like this...

I found out last week that I am going to have to have a hysterectomy on May 31.  I have what the doctor's like to call Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB).  In other words Who Knows What The Heck Is Causing It.  I had other options which included hormones (not an option as they make me EVIL!!), an IUD (no thank you), Endometrial Ablation (I THINK NOT), or the permanent solution... A Hysterectomy.  I won't bore you with all the details.  Just wanted to let you know that if it gets a little quite around here for a few weeks this is why.  

  This is the last day to enter the Thirty-One Giveaway, and tomorrow is the last day for the In A Pikle Giveaway.  Now I am off to snuggle with my little man and watch Umizoomi before bed.  Have a great night all!

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  1. Fantastic mothers day, love the treasure hunt. The flowers from Kendra are so beautiful.
    I'm glad you like your things you deserve them.
    It is fantastic having a best friend even if she is the other side of the world:-)
    Goodluck with the op. I'll keep emailing and waffling at you ;-)
    Don't forget to wash your feet before you go in ;-)


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