Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday...Lots of Goodies

Happy Friday everyone.  My Kiddos went back to school Tuesday and have only had a four day week.  Even with this only being a four day week it has seemed very long. We had a wonderful and relaxing break. I was not ready for them to go back to school.  I love it when they are off for a long break because they don’t fight and try to take each other’s heads off.  They played together and got along for the most part, it was great!!

I can remember when my daughter was three and four years old.  Every night, before she went to bed, she would look out her window and wish on the first star for a little sister.  Then she would pray and ask God for one also.  We of course thought it was cute.  Then I remember me telling my husband one day that I praised God that we only had one child.  The next week we learned that God had a since of humor when we found out that our daughters wish had come true.  The only thing was that she didn’t get a sister, she got a little brother.  There is a little of an age difference between them since they are 6 years apart.  But, they are learning how to have fun together and they get along better and better every day. 

I thought I would share the goodies that I made them for Christmas. I have a bunch of felt laying around and used some of it to make these goodies.

I made Sissy a Penguin. I have to say after I stuffed her she took on a whole new look.  Too cute and quite funny.

I (freehand) embroidered some snowflakes on her plump little tummy and gave her some swirly pink cheeks.  I have to admit I could have done better on the snowflakes if I had drawn them on there first.

Then I gave her a cute little heart on her back side. My daughter thought this was so funny.

Of course she had to have a little bow on her head because she is a girly penguin.

Boo has a little yellow chicken that he got in a kids meal from a fast food place.  He has had a blast playing with it.  While he was sick, he even used a large tissue box to build it a house.  He even decorated it with a Christmas tree sticker so Peep could have a Christmas tree too.  That’s when mommy decided to make Boo, and Peep, a new friend.

Meet Chirp.  He is a little red rooster.  Notice his cute little swirly up there on top.

I had almost sewn him completely together and realized he had no tail, so this is what he wound up with.  Sis thought it looked like a turkey tail.  I told her he was a fancy little rooster so he had to have a fancy tail also.  Boo has had a time with him.  Now peep and chirp talk to each other and sleep with him at night. Plus Boo got the snowman scarf I made HERE.

I also made my daughter a pink grapefruit scarf.  It is one of Twinkie Chan’s patterns.

One of the things on my daughter’s Christmas list was a Martha Stewart Knitting Loom. She has learned to crochet but doesn’t really stick with it when she starts something very big.  She has made a few wash cloths and started a granny square blanket but never finished it.  She loves to cross stitch though and has made some cute little projects with that.  I almost didn’t get it but thought, why not, if she doesn’t use it I can.  She was very excited when she got it and it took us a few days to figure it out but we finally got it.  Let’s just say forget the book and go watch a few YouTube videos.  She has to take gym this semester so she decided she wanted to make herself a gym bag.  She dug through my yarn and we both decided the bulky yarn might be better for a gym bag. 

So here is her rainbow bag.  It only took her two and a half days to make the bag.  She only worked on it for a couple hours a day.  She started with a magenta color, then yellow, lime green, hot pink and black on the bottom so it wouldn’t show dirt if she sat it on the floor at school or in the car.  Mom made the strap for her.  It was also made on her loom.  Then she braided some of the yarn to make the draw string.  She is so proud of her bag, and mom is proud of her for making it.

I also used part of her loom to make a scarf for hubbie’s mom. I crocheted one but this one looks a lot better. Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her, and she took the picture on her cell phone.  It was a lot of fun to make.  I am going to make one for me next.

I also started making a cowl for me but I ran out of yarn before I finished it.  Then when I went to look for more I found out it has been discontinued.  I think that’s all I have to show you for now.  Don’t forget to come back Monday for Monday Funday.  Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week.



  1. boy Melissa you have been very busy,lots of lovely finishes there.xx

  2. I adore the pink grapefruit scarf!!!!!!! Found you through Bloggy Moms.

  3. Love the little penguin and chicken - they're both very cute. Your daughter's gym bag looks great - she did a terrific job with it. :)

  4. Wow fantastic. I really love the penguin! I bet sis loves it!


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