Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Funday #19... Snow

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!!  Welcome back to our first Monday Funday of the New Year. I hope all of you are well rested and have had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family as well as a safe New Years.  So far we have not gotten any snow at our house other than a little more than a dusting.  We had the promise of a white Christmas here in Northwest Arkansas...but alas it all went south of us and we didn't even see a flake. We did get around an inch a couple days after Christmas.  The kids were determined to go sledding so daddy hooked up the sled behind the 4-wheeler and pulled them around a few times.  By the time they had made one circle around the field the snow was gone where they had been.  It was kind of comical to watch.  I did get a turn too.  The kids have been watching the weather everyday waiting to see if we might get some more. So, since we are all dreaming of snow here, this Monday Funday is all about Snow and Snowflakes.  Be sure to come back next week for some Snowman fun.

Let It Snow Pattern

Chicken Scratch Snowflakes
chicken scratch snowflakes (pdf)

Mitten and Snowflake Wall Hanging (would be cute crocheted or made from material and embroidered also)

Snowflake Door Decoration

Snow Globe Necklace

Snow Measuring Stick
winter craft for kids

Macaroni Snowflakes
IMG 2094 719455 How To Make Macaroni Snowflakes

Snow Covered Shovel

Snowflake Mitten Embroidery Pattern (this is a sew along that just started if you want to join in)


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