Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh What A Week...TGIF!!!

Oh what a crazy week this has been!!  It all started Monday.  The kids were off of School and it was my birthday.  We all got up in a great mood and I thought to myself "hey this is going to be a good day".  Not so much.  First, we were supposed to go for a little trip over to the cabin.  The boys got to go but us girls had to stay home because Miss Tootie got up running fever.  Then I get on the computer and my blog is not showing up in the blogger list of my other blogs.  Come to find out it has been deleted because their automated spam checking system has decided that it is a spam blog.  I had to send them a message requesting they review their error and fix it. Then that afternoon I had to take Tootie to the dr.  Of course last week was rough because my husband grand dad was in the hospital most of the week.  Then because of that everyone except the kids forgot it was my birthday, so no gifts or cake.  Hubby did bring cake home on Tuesday though.  It was carrot cake....My favorite!!! It was all gone by last night.  YUMMY.  Tootie and I almost went back and got another one this morning.

Finally got the blog back on Wednesday.  Miss Tootie has been home sick all week.  Took her back to the dr yesterday for a shot in the tokas and different meds.  They swabbed her for the flu.... No flu!!  Yeah!!

We went yesterday to pick up her work from school and found out that two of her teachers have been out all week with the flu.  we decided to keep her home again today just to keep her from getting the flu if she did go in.

I have gotten a scarf made this week.  No pictures yet though.  It is a ruffle scarf for Tootie in lovely pinks and white.  I am debating putting some up in the shop because they are so fun and easy to make.

I did finally pick a winner for The Billie Box giveaway.  The winner was Tonia from Little Ella Lu who said " I would give it to my sister since I can't do a thing with yarn."  Such a wonderful sister!! 

I did finally order my own birthday presents.  I bought myself a 7" tablet that will be here next week.    I can't wait to get it so I can read books on it.  I was debating one of the new Kindle Fire HD models but the price was holding me back.  Then I read some of the reviews and people said that they were great and all but they had ads that popped up on everything you did on it.  BUT, you could pay and extra $15 to have that removed.  On top of that they don't even come with a charger cord.  I settled on a Filemate Clear 
FileMate Clear 7" T720 16G WSVGA Multi-touch Tablet Featuring IPS Technology Screen (Assorted Colors)
I ordered the purple one.  I got it on sale for  a little over $100 (regular $190) instead of $200 for a Kindle.  The reviews were wonderful and some people said they were better than the Kindle so we will see.  Plus you can download the Kindle and other book reader apps. I have been getting tons of free books from Amazon to read when I get it.  

And I ordered a yarn ball winder from Knitpicks.
 Knitting Yarn Ball Winder
I have some lovely yarn laying here but have not used it yet because it has not been wound into a ball.  I got lucky and found one for $20.  Those things can be expensive. I wanted a shift too but couldn't do it for the price.  I don't have that much yarn that needs rolled to spend that much.  Tootie wants to be my shift.  She said that was something she always wanted to do.  She likes to watch little house on the praire and the girls on there sit and hold the yarn on their hands while mom rolls it into a ball. 

 Well I am off to entertain Miss Tootie now.  We may play a game on the computer together or something.

I hope your week has been better than mine and that you have gotten lots of crafty things done. 

I will leave you with a crochet book that is free to download on Amazon right now. But hurry it will not be free for long.

20 Easy Crochet Patterns Book 1

You can also go HERE to find the top 100 paid and free books right now.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Crazy week indeed. Happy Birthday and what lovely gifts you chose for yourself. You're going to love that yarn ball winder.


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