Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Funday #60

Happy snowy Monday to all of you.  Oh, you don't have snow? Well, I will gladly share some of mine with you. We had around 8 inches when the snow finally stopped falling Thursday.
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This is our front drive Thursday morning. Look at the snow built up on the side of the bird houses. 
This is how it looked Sunday morning. You can see where hubby has been going in and out to work.
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This is the front yard. On the right side of the tree you can see where a rabbit has been hopping around through the snow.
This is the back yard.  Looks like I need to go fill the feeders back up.  I love to watch the birds. The cardinals look so bright against all the white snow. This picture is from Sunday morning.  

The kids have been having a break from school due to the snow. They have been out since Thursday. The worst part is daddy, who works for the highway department, has been working long hours and has been sleeping most of the day.  This means they have to find something quiet to do 90% of the day.  It has been so bitterly cold that they have not been real interested in venturing out much. Of course if you can't get the kids to the snow you can always bring it to them... All you need is a couple large trash bags, beach towels, lots of different sized bowls, a couple kids, some gloves and of course...SNOW.
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What could be more fun than sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor in shorts and a t-shirt playing in the snow!! 

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"Look mom, it's stuck to my hand!!"
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"Hey mom, do you like our awesome snow pyramid?!?"

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Lulu made a cute little snow duck.  What did Mr. Boo make you ask...A MESS!! But, they did both help each other clean up after they were finished.


I could not resist picking three featured links this week. Are you getting your house all ready for Christmas? I would love to see some pictures. Now go link up.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature Melissa. I see you are getting into the Christmas spirit!

  2. Hi Mel Is the link up for this week closed already? I'm trying to link up and I can't! I love the photos of the snow. Take care Julie at

  3. Hi Melissa, thanks for hosting and have a good week. Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures of the snow in your yard. Take care and stay warm.

  4. Thanks for hosting and sharing your snow. We don't get snow in SoCal so it's fun to see pictures of it.

    1. Georgie,

      Thanks for stopping by and you are welcome. I am not real fond of this snow anymore. We have not been out of the house for more than a couple hours since last Wednesday. The sun is shining today so we are hoping to get out for more than that today.


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