Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Funday # 71

Hey everyone!  I am typing this up a day early on Sunday.  We are sitting here right now with thunderstorms with sleet instead of rain.  I guess the winter needed one more good giggle before it leaves. I thought I might go ahead and get everything ready before Monday in case we were out of electric.  I am already having trouble keeping internet because ours in satellite.

We had a pretty good week around here last week.  We are all finally well.  Mr.Boo has finally gotten over that nasty cough that had been hanging on since December.  Lulu has been in a whirlwind trying to pick here classes for next year.!!!  Yes, that does make me a little nervous, sad and kind of sick all at the same time.  She has decided that she might want to either be a teacher or a Library Media Specialist.  She has also decided to take theater classes this year.  Some of us were a little surprised but mom knows she has it in her to do it.  She has always been a little shy around others but has gotten better over the years and this class will help with that also. So starting in the fall you will have to put up with some pics of here in some of here plays and such.  She is already in choir and loves it.

I have been working on some new goodies for the Storybook Felts shop and got them in last week as well.  If you would like to see the goodies have a peek in the Etsy shop.  They are great little Easter basket stuffers.  I plan on getting a few more things done to go with them.

How to make perfect bacon from Mamas Blog Central
perfect bacon
This is how I make my bacon for the kids during the week for breakfast.  Only, I line my pan with foil. Then, once the grease has set up, pull the foil of and throw it in the trash.

I need to make some of this!  I bought some in a can and it has a really strong perfume smell to it.

The Featured link for the month of Feburary is:

Sweet Little Granny Beanies from Tracy's Crochet Bliss


  1. Hi Mel, I'm glad everyone is better in your house! We did not get the big amount of snow that we were expected to get and only got a coating of snow! Thank God they said we were going to get 6 to 10 inches of snow! Thanks again for the feature! You are the best! Have a nice week. Btw the dry shampoo really does work well and makes my hair soft too. I know I'm not spraying something all over the place and I save money too! Take care, Julie

  2. At last, such good news about you all being better. I was worried about you all! Wow you are busy! Hope the snow eases.


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