Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ideas???...HELP!!!...Free Advertising!!!

Hello bloggy friends!! I need your help. I have been asked, again this year, to be in charge of finding gifts to hand out at a women's conference. The organization that holds the conferences is Christian Women of Today. (See bottom part of post to find out how CWOT got started.) Last year, with the Lords help, we were able to obtain enough christian books donations to hand out to each woman that came to the conference and they LOVED them. You can see a list of some of the books donated for last year here.

This year they would like to try something different. I thought maybe I would try to reach out to the blog and Etsy world and see if anyone would like to donate something for this years conference. The conference will be in November so I still have plenty of time to collect donations. We would love any hand made or crafted item that you would like to donate. Please remember that this is a Christian conference for women.

Anything would be great....crocheted items, knit items, jewelry items, pottery, anything you would like to donate would be wonderful and greatly appreciated!! If you or someone you know is interested please leave me a comment or contact me through my blog page. Please help me spread the word about this also. If you do make a donation, you name and blog/Etsy store address will be posted here and on the Christian Woman of Today blog. That means free advertising for you and your blog or Etsy store. Plus you will also receive a receipt so you can use it as a tax deductable donation.

A little bit about Christian Women of Today and how they got started...

Christian Women of Today began in July 2005. We are a nondenominational group who share the word of Christ with other women. When we first started, with only about three or four women, we held meetings in the homes of different women in our area. Since then our women's conferences have grown by leaps and bounds. CWOT now holds quarterly conferences in different churches across Northwest Arkansas. We have guest speakers at each meeting, and a wonderful praise and worship team.(Kim Marler and her team from Mercy & Grace) We try to do something different at each conference to bring in more and more women and have even done skits before the service. Our conferences range in size from 60 women to over 200 women.


  1. Please email me at imin2crochet 2@ gmail. com with your mailing address. I have quite a few handmade items I could send you.

  2. Hi Mel, I would love to help you. Is there anything specific or just anything handmade? Can it be frivolous like bunting or something more serious? Let me know and send me your address and I'll be happy to help xxx

  3. I'd be happy to help. Does it need to be something small or something big? You can email me your address to bookworm187@earthlink.net.


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