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Fall Inspiration and How-To’s with Miracle-Gro® and the #Gardenieres!

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Have you heard about The Gardenieres?  The Gardenieres are hand-picked green thumbs led by master gardener, William Moss.  They are real-life gardening enthusiasts with real-world experience when it comes to growing things.  The Gardenieres will be covering the country, inspiring people just like you and me to get out and garden.  You can meet them online, in social networks and occasionally, right in your own neighborhood. You can visit The Gardenieres on their website or on the Miracle-Gro Facebook page. You can even find their wonderful videos on YouTube.

I have a rose bush in my yard that kind of came out of no where.  I had a bush planted there years ago and my sweet husband had ran over it with the lawnmower and killed the poor thing.  Well a year or so ago this bush popped up in the same place.  It is a very large bush that tends to go every direction if not properly trimmed.  It is always loaded all summer long with the pretties little roses.  Of course my daughter loves it because it is right outside her window, and she can look out and see it's beauty any time she wants.  I would really like to see if I can get it to put out larger roses and not be so overbearing.  Then I also have two climbing roses.  One is doing great but I have had trouble training it to grow on my trellis.  The other one has always been sickly, no matter what I have done to try to make it stronger.  I think it might be time to move it, but I want to make sure I don't kill it in the process. So, off I went to the Gardenieres website to see if there was any information there that would help. One of their YouTube videos caught my eye as it  was on rose bush pruning and training.



While watching the video, I learned how to trim the rosebush to get it to grow in the direction that I wanted it to.  I also learned how to train my climbing roses to grow on the trellises that I have.  The most important thing that she talked about, for me, was that Miracle-Gro® has special soil for roses when they are being transplanted.  I then visited Miracle-Gros® Find beauty in the Fall website to find out more about the rose soil.  When you get to the Find beauty in the Fall website they have a wonderful product finder that you can use to find which soil or plant food that you need.


Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Roses

This is the soil I need.  It is a complete, ready-to-use mix ideal for growing beautiful roses. Contains bone meal for better blooming and strong root development, plus iron to prevent leaf yellowing.  I have a lot of trouble with leaf yellowing on my bushes.  I will also need help with the root development on that poor little sick bush when I move it.  I think he is just too close to our maple tree and isn't getting enough water and nutrients due to the tree taking it all.

Some of the other great products that Miracle-Gros® has are:

Liquafeed_Advanced.JPGMG_Garden_Soil_Tree_Shrub.jpgMG_Potting_Mix.jpgMG_Tree_Spikes.jpg MG_Flower_Veg_Garden_Soil.jpg

Now that I have shared my fall inspirations with you, go like the Miracle-Gro Facebook page, where you can talk to fellow gardeners and share stories about your garden inspirations.






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