Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wonderful Goodies

I was trying to visit all of the blogs I follow the other day, when I came across THIS POST from Lisa at In The Boon Docks.  She was having a cleaning and found some wonderful cross stitch goodies and wanted to know if anyone was interested in them.  The first person to comment got the goodies.  Well I just happen to be that lucky person.

This is the picture from her blog. I knew when I saw it that my sweet girl would love to get her hands on all of it.  She has been cross stitching since she was about 6 or 7 (now 13) and does a wonderful job.  I remember when she was 3 or so I would give her a plastic needle and a tiny hoop with a little bit of aida cloth in it and she would sit next to me on the couch and work on her cross stitch while I worked on mine.  She made big stitches and it was too cute.  We still have the master pieces around here somewhere.  I need to frame them and put them in her room.

Anyway, so I get an email a few days later tell me that she has found some more goodies and will add them to the others when she sends them.  This is the envelope it all came in.
Sorry about the bad lighting.  It's a fat little envelope!!

And here are all the goodies that were inside.  A bag to cross stitch a design on, 2 cross stitch goodies (1 is a book mark), 4 lovely crochet hooks, the little bag up in the corner is a crochet hook bag, some cute material, and a wonderful card thanking me for giving her lovelies a new home.  My sweet daughter claimed all of it except 3 of the hooks and the material.  I figured she would though.  

Thank you so much Lisa for sending me all the extra goodies.  My daughter thinks you are one of the most wonderful people in the world!!  Don't you just love making friends through blogs.  All of  the crafty people out here a so kind and thoughtful and eager to share.  If everyone could be like that this world would be a much better place!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and week.


  1. OH, I remember those little purses! Some of them had outter changable covers. I had a purse with several different covers on it! All were cross stitched with different things on them. I remember one with my favorite football team logo in it! That does bring back memories!

  2. how wonderful melissa,she sure is a lovely lady.xx


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