Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Funday # 33...A Place To Belong

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a lovely Mother's Day. I had a quiet Mother's Day. We got up and went to church, then had lunch out and came home for a fairly quite day.  I rode bikes with the kids and just rested which is something I don't do enough of on the weekends.

Today I am going to review a book that I finished reading last week.

A Place to Belong -- Wild West Win ~ 3, By Lauraine Snelling
A Place to Belong, Wild West Wind Series #3

From the back of the book:

The Exciting conclusion to Lauraine Snelling's Wild West Wind Series.

As winter Settles over the Engstrom ranch, Cassie Lockwood has a lot on her mind.  The way Lucas Engstrom smiles at her should set her heart to tripping.  But it doesn't.  Shouldn't there be some attraction to him if they are going to be married?  His vow to maker her love him doesn't seem to be working, no matter how considerate and charming he is.  And then there's the look she caught him sending Betsy Hudson at church one Sunday.  Are she and Lucas drifting apart?
During a short trip away, Cassie realizes she must make other plans for her future. But what will the Engstroms say when she announces plans to leave the ranch to join a Wild West Show?

I have read and loved all three books in this series.  Lauraine Snelling is an absolutely fabulous author!!  All of the characters in her books seem so real. She brings you into the book and you feel like you are a part of the family there. She writes not only adult fiction and short stories, she has also written quite a few books for the young fiction lovers as well. Click HERE to see a list of all of her books. I have read 95% of the books she has written.  I love the Blessing series. 

This series is set in South Dakota.  Cassie Lockwood is from a Wild West show that had to shut down after her father died.  She sat out with some of the other members in the show to find the land that her father dreamed of going back to.  Once she gets there she finds a few surprises that she didn't bargain for.  She quickly becomes a part of the Engstrom family, that were very close friends with her father. Lucas Engstrom declares his love for her the minute he sees her and is determined to make her love him.  All the while Cassie is trying to figure out a way to take care of herself and the others who have traveled with her.  She starts practicing for shooting matches and other shows.  Obstacles keep getting in her way, but she manages to win a little money here and there.  Then at one of the shows she see the man who helped her father run their show.  In the end she is afraid that she will lose everything she loves before it is all over.

I was sad to see this series end but, I know Lauraine will keep writing other outstanding books for me to keep reading. 

That's all I have for today.  Feel free to link up below so I can see what you have been up to.

I was given a book to review by Bethany House Publishers in return for my honest opinion. All opinions listed her are my own.

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