Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Funday #67

It's another snowy Monday here in Arkansas.  It started snowing yesterday morning and didn't let up much until late yesterday afternoon.  They were predicting a couple inches and we probably got close to six. Of course my kiddos are stuck at home again.  Boo has a nasty cough and Lulu has had sinus mess going on so they are both stuck in the house and can't get out to enjoy it. On top of that hubby has a nasty cough too and has been running over 101.  It has been a long weekend.  Of course they are predicting more nasty weather to come in tomorrow morning so who knows what that will bring.  I am just praying for no freezing rain.  We don't need to loose power on top of everything else. I will stop whining now and share some of God's beauty with you.  

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This was yesterday while it was coming down.  Look at those flakes!!

 This is from our front yard this morning.
 A closer picture than the one above.
This is a view in the opposite direction.
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Can you spot Mr. Crow up there in the tree?

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Congrats to our featured links.  Stay warm if it's cold where you are and stay cool if it's hot. Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Mel, I can't believe that I was the only link up last week! Thanks for sharing the photos! We had about 8 inches of snow yesterday and more to come tonight and tomorrow! We have certainly had our share of snow! Thanks for hosting and I hope you don't get sick. Keep spraying Lysol spray around the house. Bye for now and have a good week.


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