Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here Comes Isaac!!

As you know a lot of us here in the states have not had much rain this year.  Well some of us will soon be or are now getting lots of rain. 

When tropical storm Isaac first got going they were predicting that it would not hit Louisiana but go more towards Florida and up the East side of the US.  I told my family that since this storm was named after my son, his middle name is Isaac, that we would be blessed with some of the rain from it.  Well guess what, even though it was the least likely modeled path, here comes Isaac. 
See the latest updates on Isaac
Of course Mr. Boo is excited that the rain is coming since the storm is named after him.  We have also been praying for the people in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana.  Hopefully most of them were smart enough to get out this time.  I mean Katrina hit 7 years ago to the day that Isaac hit.  Hello!! At our house we never sing rain rain go away.  We sing "Rain Rain Come This Way, Please Stay and Rain All Day!" So in honor of the rain here are some poems and images I found. Enjoy.

Rain - poetry Photo



And you can't have rain without one of these. Breath taking isn't it!!
Summer Rain



  1. I am hoping that it at least cools it off here in Tennessee!

  2. What a great post! :-) I like rain...and poetry...even better now! ^_^ As if that was possible!

  3. glad you are getting your rain Melissa,stay safe.xx

  4. Hi
    Hope you just get the tail end only...a bit of refreshing rain and not the full blast effects.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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