Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Books and Bears and Embroidery Oh MY

Hey everyone. Just thought I would stop in today and touch base with you.  I haven't been doing much blogging this summer because I have been so busy with the kids.  Last summer I had surgery and we didn't do a whole lot of anything.

The family and I were back over to the cabin this weekend.  We only spent one night this time. We have been having trouble with the A/C and of course it went out again Saturday morning. We came home and I cleaned out my book stash so I could donate some of them to my Mom-IL to give away at her women's ministry meetings.
Most of the books are ones that I have received to do a review on.  All the ones on the left, in the three stacks,  and the ones in the front of the basket have already been read.  I have also read most of the ones in the white basket also.  The books in the priority mail box have not been read yet. Some of them I can't part with because they are my absolute favorites.  I have the whole Anne of Green Gables series, the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke, as well as the Red River and Blessings set by Lauraine Snelling.  I also have a few sets of Tracie Peterson books also.

We have been having a BIG furry visitor at the cabin.
"Maybe if I hide my face just out of camera range they won't know it was me."

"Sniff, sniff...I smell corn."

"Do you think this rock is big enough to hide me from that camera over there?"

The first two pictures are from right in front of the cabin.  The last one is further back in the woods.  We have at least 3 bears, that we know of, running around.  Every night we have stayed over the last couple weeks, the bear has come to visit each night.  It has always been while we were asleep so we didn't get to see him other than through the pictures from the cameras.  We thought we heard him the last time but weren't sure and no one got up to go see.

Our neighbor found out what happens when you keep messing with them.   
The bear got in his shed about a week ago and ate all of the deer feed that he had in there.  He locked the door and thought it was safe this time.  I guess Mr. Bear had other ideas because he ripped the door to pieces and had another dinner out of the shed.

I have also been working on some embroidery projects.  They are both from Aunt Martha's Northwoods Lodge 3999 pattern set.

I had planned to frame them and hang them in the cabin but hubby is not real keen on that idea. Mr. Boo has claimed them both. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.  I think they would be cute framed but if you guys have any other ideas for them let me know.

This springs rains we had and the wonderful temps that we have been having have been wonderful for my two hydrangea bushes.
I love the shade of blue they have started turning.

This is the same bush.  Some of the flowers are more of a purpley blue.

This bush is a lot smaller. It was sent to my mom's funeral 6 years ago and finally bloomed for the first a couple years ago.  It has also turned blue.  They were both pinky purple a couple of years ago but they have started turning blue now.  I prefer the blue as it is my favorite color.  I know it has to do with the acid in the soil.  They are both planted on the North (back) side of our house. They sit on either side of out a/c unit.  The water that drains out of the unit runs around both of them.  I'm not sure if that is what has caused them to turn blue or what.

That's about all I have for now.  We had a lazy day here at the house on Tuesday.  The kids go back to school August 19 and we have been out buy school clothes.  We are off to do some more of that again this morning.  So, I better get and get to shopping. ;)  Hope you all are having a wonderful day.  I would love your comments on any ideas you have for my embroidery.  Also stop by Monday's post for some cute T-Shirt remake ideas.

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