Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Funday #39...Happy Monday and More Kirby.

Happy Monday everyone!!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.  We had a wonderful time on the 4th.  We spent the day with family and close friends at hubbies mom and dad's house.  The kids played and swam.  Then when it started getting dark they played with the pack of party poppers that they picked out.  After that they chased fireflies for quite awhile.  We put them in a jar and Mr. Boo packed it around until it slipped out of his had and broke.  There were quite a few tears but he was finally okay with it when we told him they had to be let out anyway.  Right around dark Hubby and I let off the fireworks that were purchased.  We also watched some of the others that were be let off all around us.  Then it was off to bed for some very tired kiddos. I think my favorite part of the day was watching the kids catch fireflies with their daddy.  There were so many squeals of delight and giggles.  I loved watching the wonder on their face when they caught one and it crawled around in their hands.  I thought about going and getting the camera but decided that I was just going to sit back and enjoy it instead of trying to run around taking pictures.

I finished Boo's Kirby. He turned out really cute.

As a little surprise I also may Kirby a warp star out of felt. I had a hard time deciding on what kind of mouth to put on him and settled with the happy smile.  Boo loves him!!

As you can see, Mr. Boo is one happy little Kirby loving boy.  Kirby sleeps with him in his bed on the warp star.  Kirby can't go far without his warp star.  Now I just need to finish up the one for Lulu so she can have Kirby's sister. If you would like to make your own Kirby...HERE is the link to the pattern I used or you can find the other free ones below on Ravelry.

Watch out this Kirby will Suck You Up!! (Will have to message owner to get pattern.)





There are a lot more on Ravelry and I'm sure even more out there on the web.  Hope you enjoyed all the little pink Kirby's this week.  I hope to have a yellow one finished for you to see next week.  Been too busy to get much crochet done.

Link up your crafty goodness below and share what you have been up to.

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