Friday, July 12, 2013

I So Agree!!

Had to share this with everyone today.  What are all of you up to this weekend. We are off to the cabin, hopefully to not see any bears on the front porch.  The people who own land next to ours, out there in the woods, had a bear on the back poor of their cabin and in the back of their truck.  We had bear tracks on our front porch last weekend.  UGH!!  Lulu is a little nervous about going and having a bear "eat her".

I hope to get some crochet in this weekend.  I think hubby has other plans for me though.  We have been staining/sealing our porch at the cabin so I'm sure I will be doing another coat on it also. I still have not started on Lulu's Kirby.  I plan to take everything with me to work on it though. S hopefully Monday I will have something to share with you for Monday Funday.  If not I will just have to share a few books I have been reading and need to do reviews on.

I'm off to get us all packed and ready to go.   Hope you have a great weekend.


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