Monday, January 2, 2012

Confessions Of A Crochet Addict

OK, I admit it, I am addicted to all things crochet.  The pictures that you are about to see are not for the faint of heart.  I decided to organize my yarn stash on New Years day. I would like to get it stashed on Ravelry.  I drug out all three boxes that I knew of and took them into my kitchen floor.  I proceeded to empty the boxes and sort the yarn out by brands.  Then hubby walked by and about had a very large cow moose in the middle of all that mess.  Then I decided to take pictures of all of it to share with all of you.  Then something funny happened today.  I thought I would also show you what was hid in my bedroom.  In the process I found more yarn, drug out all of my hooks and I will also give you a glimpse of my book/magazine collection.  I have been banned from buying any more yarn. AT ALL!!!!!!  So are you ready.  Here come the pictures. Giggle Giggle.
This is my cotton yarn for dishcloths and such.  Sugar 'n Cream, Peaches and Cream and the red in the corner is Lion Brand.

This is my crochet thread. When I first started crocheting I made Barbie clothes and TRIED to sell them online.  :(
Here starts the real mess.  We have Caron Simply Soft, Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, some Red Heart Holiday, and Bernat Baby Blanket (used for bunnies and blankets), also some tulle(don't ask).
There is a slight overlap on the pictures.  But this one has some Yarn Bee, Baby Bee, and a lot of Lion Brand Homespun (for Prayer Shawls)

This is the rest of the picture above. And yes there is more yarn in that bag in the bottom right corner.  Keep going it's coming.
This is all Red Heart Super Saver.

This is what was in the bag.  It is Lion Brand Hometown USA.  The Red and Black are left over from Mr.Boo's Puppy Blanket, and the rest is left from a prayer blanket I did about 3 years ago for a little girl(4) who had cancer. I'm sad to say she is no longer with us.
This little guy, now my mascot, has been lovingly  named the yarn monster.  Not sure how he ended up this way but he was cute.  He just needed some eyes.

All of the above yarn was sorted and re-stuffed into two boxes.  I was so proud.  Then today I found the following.
All of this is for another bunny snuggle, baby blanket and washcloth set.  It is Bernat Cotton Tots and Bernat Baby Blanket. Except the cone of cotton yarn.  It was just hanging out in my bedroom.  The bunny is finished all but his ears.
This is my stash of I Love This Cotton (Hobby Lobby) that I am using to start my
Crochet Version of the Bee Keepers Quilt. You can see my three hexi puffs in the top right corner.  And the latest book I am reading.  It is Jillian Dare by Melanie M. Jeschke. I love her books. 
This mess was found in a bag in my bedroom in the bottom of a closet that has shelves in it.  I keep my crochet books and such in there.  It is mostly I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby) .  There is some Lion Brand Home Spun, Some baby Yarn, some red and black yarn I used to make my daughter some lady bug slippers last year for Christmas.  And some barbie dress yarn(see dresses below). The yellow and red yarn at the top in bags are tiny granny squares that I was going to use to make my son a duck quilt with.  Needless to say I abandoned the cause and used the yarn to make him a different blankie instead. I may sew them together for square to send to SIBOL or see if I can send them the way they are.

Here are some of the Barbie Dresses I have done.  One is yellow with green trim.  One is light pink with darker pink trim (it's under the yellow one but you can see the hat.) then there is a green with yellow trim that I never finished. There is also my long double ended crochet hook in the mess.
This was part of my Christmas goodies. I got the idea from Debi. I got polymer clay and some alphabet rubber stamps to use to make handles for my crochet hooks. After covering them with the clay I used the stamps to stamp the letter in the bottom and sides so I would know what size they were. I love them.  I thought I had all of them covered then I found three of four more.  Plus I have some sizes I don't have on my b-day list. Just 19 more days to go.  I will be 37 and Mr. Boo will be 7 in March.  Hubby will be 43 and sis will be 13, both in June.  And we will be married 19 years also in June.

Here is my collection of hooks and a few knitting needles.  The ones to the far right are the ones that light up.  The top right ones were given to me by my mom-in-law.  They are the tiny one and were her grandmothers.  I also slipped in my new hook bag that was also for Christmas.  It is a Knit Happy brand. I also got a crochet happy Clearly Mine Tote in blue and green. (Click on link to go to their site and see the inside of hook bag and other bag plus all the other goodies they make.)

This box has some crochet magazines and leaflets in binders , plus binders with patterns printed off the Internet.

Here are some of my books and other magazines. Plus my I taught myself to knit kit.  Pardon the hunting clothes in the back.  Hubby has a spot at the end of the bed where they "live".

I think that is it as far a pictures go.  I have to tell you though there are at least a 6" to 12" stack of crochet magazines hid in a basket and drawer that I did not dig out because hubby was lurking around about to have a fit when he saw all that was being unearthed. I guess I am going to have to get busy and make something with all of the yarn.  I have some projects planned so hopefully I can use some of it up.  When I run out of the I Love This Cotton, I guess I will move on to some of the others.  Now that I have eaten about 6 dark choco kisses(my favorite although I prefer the Hershey nuggets with dark choco and almonds) and my dinner of grilled chicken, rice and fat free re-fried beans (the others had it as a taco), and typed all of this I am wore out. Pant Pant.  I hope you enjoyed my mess and this little glimps of my life.  Just glad I got it all put back up and it's not running out everywhere.  I am off to shower and maybe get one hexi puff in for today.  Will post the outcome of that tomorrow if I'm not too busy chasing the kids around.  They go back to school Thursday.  I am ready for some quite but I will miss them when they go back.  Have a great night.
Don't forget I am looking for testers for my puppy snuggle blanket.


  1. Lol as I look at your stash I see many of the same colors/types of yarn, I save the bags from the Cluster fluff and sort my yarn by colors in them. I have way to much yarn also and have been band from buying more. Glad to see I'm not alone lol

  2. I love this! Lol! I'm so glad I'm not the only yarn addict. I need to do the same thing with my yarn. I have so much but still buy more. And the patterns in binders...I have the same thing. I need to organized them some how because I can't ever find what I'm looking for and end up printing them again. Oh my...maybe alphabetical order or maybe by projects, blankets, scarves, etc. We'll see if I get ambitious.

    You have inspired me Melissa! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. wow look at all that yarn and I thought I was bad with my yarn stash.

  4. Thanks for all the comments. You can tell what my favorite color is. I have a lot of blue yarn. To quote from You've Got Mail. " I just can't help myself". Giggle giggle. Have a great day all and thanks for visiting.

  5. I loved looking at the pictures of your yarn stash - and I love your crochet hooks too. :)

  6. Just had to stop by after reading your comment on my blog! What a great stash, you can make wonderful things with this! I love those polymer clay hooks, very smart to stamp a letter in the handle.

  7. Love the crochet hook handles! Was that your own idea, or did you see it somewhere? Super cute. :)

  8. Wow you do have a big stash of yarn!

    I started crocheting about a month ago, and my stash is starting to pile up. I ran out of space in a big bag, that I was using as my yarn bag. Now, I'm looking for shelf space! Can you believe that?

    I love your idea about covering the crochet hooks. I already have a lot, and will be using your idea with my own. When I do, I'll link to this post. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. This is probably a dumb question but, does the clay harden on its own or do you have to bake it?

    Sorry and Thanks!

  10. Anonymous
    You do have to bake the clay. It will tell you on the package at what temp and for how long. Make sure you put a little foil tent over it. I forgot to on mine and one of the turned a little dark on one side. If you make some have fun. I know I did and I live using them!!

  11. He he. I'm so glad that it's not just me and not just my husband. We got some of those 9-cube shelves to "organize" the craft stuff. I thought my husband was going to blow when he realized that my yarn filled 18 of those squares, plus a few more. I had to buy two more of the shelves and we now have them STACKED on top of each other. I'm not sure that I've found all the yarn, yet. ;0)

  12. Wow, I thought I had alot. I don't feel too bad, yet. LOL I see a bin of printed pattern? I've been trying to organize mine as well and put them online on a site called Evernote that I can access with my phone.

  13. Wow! A great collection of yarns and they were colorful. I’m very interested to this kind of work, very exciting and I know I will enjoy. Thank you so much.


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