Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finally I Am Back!

Hello Blog Friends!!  I have had a very busy time of it here since my last post.  I worked 4 out of 5 days last week at my son's school.  When you are a substitute you are either busy all the time or there is no work at all.  This tends to be a busy time of year for me to work.  So far this week I've only had to sub on Monday.

Here is the sad state of my one a day projects.  That poor little pink puff is finally finished and has a friend in the works.  Then I have a lovely square for SIBOL.  It is in Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn.  The colors are peacock and yellow.  The peacock is a green blue color.  My camera just didn't capture it very well.  I can't wait to get more of them worked up and sent out.  Hubby is very proud of me for getting some of my stash used up and for a good cause on top of that.  Miss sissy roo is working on some granny squares to send also.

I have been very busy finishing up all of my swap goodies and can't wait to show all of you the finished products.  I do have a few more sneak peeks.
 This is a peek at the white thing from here.  I loved making this and love how it turned out.  Can't wait to show you the whole thing.  There was a lot of sewing together on this project but the finished product was  worth the work.

These are some extra last minute goodies added to the other lovelies.  My hubby thinks I am crazy for doing the swaps.  I don't think I am though.  I love doing and making for others.  That is what this hobby is all about.  If you can't share your hand made goodies with others what else would you do with them? I got the goodies all boxed up and now they are ready to go tomorrow so I know for sure they will be there by Valentines day. I promise to show lots of pics of the stuff after they arrive at there designated locations.  One has to go to CA and the other NY.  One end of the US to the other.
Here is a pick of a few of the goodies from my Birthday on January 21.
I got 3 new hooks.  They are large ones that I already had in plastic hooks.  I'm not fond of the plastic hooks.  Two of these have a bamboo handle on them.  A journal to use for writing down my crochet patterns in.  A granny square dishcloth that sissy roo made for me, and some charms and lobster claw clasps that will become stitch markers.  I have been looking at some on Etsy and decided to make my own.  I will post more pics when they are finished.  I am also getting a sharp crochet hook from HERE.  I just ordered it so it should be here in a week or so.  I think it will be neat to use.  I have always wanted to put crochet edging on stuff but didn't want to take the time to poke the holes and all the stuff to get it on there.  With this hook you don't have to do all the extra prep work.  I want to make some little socks and baby goodies with it.

And now for some pics of my goody box I got in the mail.  I opened it a little early.  I wasn't even thinking when I did.  My mom (I-L) brought it from the mailbox on Saturday.  Sometimes they drop our boxes at her house because they don't want to come all the way back to our house to deliver them.  So I couldn't figure out who in the world this lovely little box could be from.  Then I opened it and said ooops these are my swap goodies from the Ravelry Valentines Swap.  Oh well.  So here is a peek.

Here is the box.
And here are all of the goodies that came out of it. I don't know how she fit all of that in that little box. And I thought I was good at stuffing things full.

 4 packages of counted cross stitch cloth.  Sissy roo is already asking if mommy is going to share these goodies with her.  She loves to cross stitch.
 A lovely 2012 pocket calendar with a beautiful lighthouse picture on the front.  A cross stitch pattern of Amish Shadow Quilts and some thread. (LOVE the blue one!)
 2 little squares of smelly good soap(hard to see sorry), cupcake papers (hubby says "going to make some cupcakes to go in those for me?"), a candle and wax melt (both smell wonderful), recipe cards, and a note pad with pen.
 Three balls of yarn.  I was so excited about the red one.  I used some just like this to make sissy roo a pair of house shoes and had a little left over of the red so now I have more to add to it to make something else. The silvery blue is so pretty and soft.  I'm thinking the thick and quick might make a cute pillow for sissy roo's room.
 A pair of had knitted fingerless gloves.  I love the blue color at the bottom of them.  They are so soft and snugly and fit perfect.
 Some had made note cards.  I love all of the different colors and designs.
 Some yummy chocolate mint taffy and a lovely post card from the company to go with it.
 A pack of tissues, a nail file with balls of yarn and knitting needles on it (too cute), 4 orange flavored tea bags (YUM), 2 dark choco truffles(ummmm good), 2 dark choco and raspberry squares(smack smack tasty), yummy flavored candy sticks, and a tube of watermelon gum which seemed to disappear as soon as Mr. Boo entered the room.  I wonder where that went off to.  He loves watermelon flavored candy and gum.
And last but not least the sweet lady sent me a pack of treats for my puppies.  They loved them.  They chew on everything (even little boys bike seats) so these were great for them and maybe it will help keep them out of trouble.  They have all kinds of raw hide bones and chew toys but they still chew on things they are not supposed to.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.  I am off to check the other one a days at Gingerbread Girls blog and then off to work on more crochet loveliness.  Don't forget, there are still a few days left in my pattern giveaway HERE.  Good luck all.


  1. That square looks very interesting, is complicated to do?
    All your projects are looking great :)

    I can see you are being very busy indeed!!

  2. The square is really easy. It is from here.http://hooksandyarns.blogspot.com/2011/10/wiggles-square-for-sibol.html

  3. I really like the wiggles square - it is very interesting. I don't think I could do anything that!

    I can tell you are going to be having a great time with all your goodies :o)

  4. Wow what a busy bee u are :-) what a beautiful square and lovely hexipuff.

  5. Your projects look great, I love the bright colours. What a great swap partner, those presents are fabulous.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful box of goodies to get.

  7. What a lovely box of swaps, your partner really got you a great range of items.
    Look forward to seeing the crochet items revealed.

  8. Wow you got lovely gifts, how thoughtful of your partner, my new puppy has tried biting my littlest bike seat too, they must taste nice!

  9. Hello - I was doing the rounds at the Tuesday Tally. Such a nice gift box!

  10. These are awesome! Very nice gifts to everyone especially for your mother and aunts. I really love all of these. Thank you so much for the lovely images. They’re cool.


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