Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Tuesday

The Crazy Crochet Addict (click link to understand) is back with another post.  I am sitting here in my jammies, eating homemade french toast. Yummy.  Hubby had to go back to work this morning and will not be happy he missed it.  The kids are home until Thursday and ordered something warm and scrummy for breakfast. I don't do pancakes.  I burn them and make a very large mess.  The MAN of the house does the pancakes.  On to what I have been working on this week.  I started the crochet version of the Bee Keeper's Quilt on 12/30/11.  And I also started another set for a baby.  It is the snuggle bunny, blanket, and washcloths.  This set is for Boo's other P.E. coach.  She is having the little boy.  He is over the moon for her and is sooooo excited that she is having a boy.  She is so cute and sweet.  I just love her.  My kids have been blessed with THE BEST teachers ever.  They all have been so wonderful.  So here are the pics of my stuff.
These are about 1/2" bigger than they are supposed to be.  I went all the way down to a C hook and decided they would just be a little bigger than they should be, I might not need so many that way and then again I may just make it bigger because of the fact. The kids are about the squish the stuffing right out of them.
Mr. Bunny needs ears and a face and he will be finished.  I love the washcloths out of the Bernat Cotton Tots yarn.  It is so soft and one of the ladies I made some for about 2 or 3 years ago says they are still soft and holding up great after extreme use.  She loves them and was excited to get a set for her new baby girl. I will post pictures of the set when it is all finished. 

I had to share this little guy that I found at Yarnabees.  She is donating 20% of her sales of these little guys. Click on the link and go see what it is all about.  No one in my family has had breast cancer but there has been plenty of other kinds.  I lost my dad's dad, my dad's sister, my mom's dad, and my husbands granny all because of cancer.  Plus my dad had cancer but he died of a heart attack.  That was a hard year.  February 12, 2004 my aunt (dad's sis) passed away, March 11, 2004 dad passed away, then July 2004 granny (their mom) passed away.  Two weeks after Granny went we found out our little man was on the way so he is our blessing baby and was born on March 19, 2005.  Then tragedy struck again in 2007.  My uncle (mom's brother) passed away in January, his son in February, my mom on April 20, then we also lost my aunt (uncle that passed's wife), then another uncle, then a new baby cousin.  The saddest part was when my mom passed I was here in Arkansas and she was in Virginia.  She was extremely bipolar and was off of her meds and had a car accident that claimed her life.  They are not sure what happened but she drove off the road, never slowing down, and hit a tree head on.  Her seat belt broke and she was ejected from the car.  The impact is what took her.  We are not sure if she fell asleep, had a stroke or what.  She has some really bad health issues at the time also which is why she was off her regular meds.  She was one some others that were supposed to handle her bipolar and the heath issues she was having.  yeah right.  Anyway, I had surgery the same day as my mother's accident and was not able to go to the funeral.  I was lucky that she had a wonderful man, whom she was supposed to marry that summer when she came to see us in Arkansas.  He handled all of it for me on his end.  Mom only got to see my daughter twice and never saw Boo.  This is also why I started crocheting.  She always wanted me to learn how.  She taught me how to chain when I was little but that was all she could do and I never got far.  She really wanted me to learn but I never tried.  After she passed on I decided I would give it a try and the rest is history.  I love it!!  OK now that you know my sad sad sad story I must find something silly to end with.

# Funny #grandma #knitting #crochetLord please don't let this be me one day.

I hope these pic gave you a giggle and that you have a great day.  Don't forget if you want to sign up to get a chance to test my Puppy Snuggle Blanket you can still do that up till 1/10/12.


  1. I don't know how to respond to your post. that is awful you had to go through so much especailly in such close proximity to each other. It's fantastic that you learnt to crochet. The picture did make me smile. I really wish I could be a tester but I've got quite a few things to make at the moment.

  2. That's a really tough gig you had over the years so I'm really glad you paid me a visit and I was able to make you laugh. You need a good laugh and I'm with you on the granny pic, I don't ever want that to be one one day either. Chin up 2012 will be good for you, I can feel it in my bones

  3. I think my hexipuffs are a bit bigger than they are suppose to be to,b ut I'm like you I just wont have to make as many lol. Yummy french toast, damn diets. xx


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