Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sew Up A Home Makeover


I just received a beautiful copy of Sew Up a Home Makeover by Author and Designer Lexie Barnes.
I just have to tell you that if you have not seen this book, well you need to!!  I LOVE it!!  I do not use my sewing machine much.  I will even admit that the thing scares me just a little.  I can sew anything by hand but a machine EEEEK.  After reading this book from cover to cover, I feel the NEED to drag out my sewing machine and use it.

Before I get into the book I have to tell you a little about Lexie.  The following is from her website:

Lexie Barnes thrives on the entrepreneurial energy of running multiple ventures with her husband Cory Barnes and keeping up with their beloved troupe of boys, Henry, Sebastian, Monty and Calvin.

Lexie's first book, Sew What! Bags, is a top selling craft book and her next one, Sew Up a Home Makeover is available for order now. She also founded and produces Twist, a boutique craft show in Northampton, MA, twice a year and continues to work with Cory on their first business, Spire USA.

Lexie prefers sneakers to heels, is a rabid movie buff, a compulsive redecorator, and has never tasted ketchup.
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Lexie is a designer of the most wonderful bags that I have ever seen.
Here are a picture and description of just a few of them in her new Candy Collection for us yarn lovers.

LADY B                 





This one is from one of her other lines.


[Lexie Barnes Darling]

Those are just a few of the great bags that she has.  There are also diaper bags, yoga mat bags and more. Lexie not only designs bags, but she has two books out also.  Here first book is called Sew What Bags. (Click on the link to see pictures from and buy the book.)

Storey Publishing: Sew What! Bags
And the second one Sew Up a Home Makeover: 50 Simple Sewing Projects to Transform Your Space.(Click on the link to buy the book.  You can also request a signed copy when you order.)
[Sew up a Home Makeover]
The wonderful projects in this book are just what the title implies, simple.  I loved every project in the book. Here is a peek of some of the things you can make to dress up that room in your home that needs a little something.  (Go to to see more of the inside of this book.)

If the pictures are not enough to tempt you I don't know what is. In her book Lexie talks about six basic principles to help you achieve your decorating goals. She also talks about different types of fabric and tools that you can use.  There is even a section on tips and techniques. There are projects in this book for pretty much every room in the house.  Some are sewing and some are not. All you need is a little fabric, a little time, and this awesome book to create the beautiful things for your home. All of the ideas in the book would be great weekend projects. The first project I am going to do is the lamp shade recover. My daughter just got all new bedding, curtains and rug for her bedroom for Christmas, and her current lamp shade does not match her new lovelies.  We had talked about redoing it some how but couldn't decided what to do.  After looking in this book, we can't wait to get to the fabric store and get lots of pretty things to fix it up with.  I also want to make some of the big Ravioli Floor Pillows (fits a 26" square pillow).  I know the kids would each love some of these for their rooms.  Like I said before, I am not the best seamstress in the word.  I have made a few things for the kids but that has been the extent of it.  This book has inspired me to get out my poor dusty sewing machine and use it.  It have a feeling I am going to enjoy using it too. All of the ideas in this book a simple and easy to make.  There are step by step instructions that tell you what to do.  There are even graphics that show you, for example, how to place the straps to sew onto a bag or how to sew a zipper in place. There is even a pattern to make some oh so cute slippers. I LOVE IT!! As soon as I get some of my lovelies made I will post some pictures of them.  Until then, run out or log on and get your own copy of this book.  I promise you will be glad you did.

I received this book for review from Lexie Barns/Storey Publishers.  The views expressed are my own.  I was not compensated for this review.


  1. It sounds a really good book, great review.
    I'm like you, prefer hand sewing to machine but I do occasionally drag it out and coax it into service.
    I think it is because I prefer to craft in an evening and am usually doing so when watching TV. If I use the machine I get it out in the daytime.
    Look forward to seeing what you make.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  2. Thank for linking up to Show Your Stuff last week, I have this weeks edition up and running:

  3. Great blog!! You're very creative and have some great stuff. Can't wait to see what else you make. :)


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