Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Morning Blog Land!

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We had a quiet one at our house.  Saturday was spent fishing for hubby, playing for the kids and crocheting for me. My daughter and I also caught part of the parent trap marathon that was on.  She loves the new one with Lindsay Lohan. I got a lot done Saturday which was a good thing because Sunday I had church, a headache and laundry.  I am sitting here now in my pj's enjoying this cloudy cold day at home.  We have had some wonderful weather in Arkansas so far this winter.  But since my hubby is not around I will have to say I would love to see some snow.  He works for the highway department so snow is a four letter word to him.  Giggle Giggle.  Today though it is cloudy and cold with a chance of rain.  I love sunny days but I also love cloudy ones too.  I feel like God gave us the cloudy rainy days to curl up in our favorite spot and just relax.  It is a good day to just recharge our minds, bodies and spirits.  May God bless all of you with some cloudy, rainy, peace filled days.OK now on with the show. Visit Carole at Gingerbread Girl to see who else is playing this week.

I am three behind on my puffs, counting today's.  So if I can get two done today and two tomorrow I will be good again.  I didn't get any Sunday or Monday.  I was at Boo's school all day volunteering Monday.  Here is what I do have finished though.

I love the colors so far.  They look like ice cream. Sis likes the blue one with the little bit of pink on the end.  I have just been crocheting till I come to the end of a color then just adding the next color on to that.

I got my Pick Your Plum prize pack, from here,  in the mail on Saturday.  It came is this box.

This is what all was inside.

Three lovely metal wall hooks, and they are VERY heavy.

A package of 4 earrings to make.  They are unfinished wood circles.  Sis loved them.

A small long sleeved T-shirt.  (This fit Mr. Boo and made him a lovely dress). He wants it for a sleep shirt.  I told him all he needed was a sleeping cap to go with it and it would be a manly dressing gown.

A package of 12 large wooden buttons.

A bag of 20 different sized plastic flowers, a pin with a flower, a blank pin to make into something and a alligator clip/pin back to make into something, and a banana flavored laffy taffy which Mr. Boo snatched but did give me a tiny bite of.

I am calling this a doggy collar.  It is a leather collar with metal brads and snap closure.  It came in the fabric bag.

10 brass finished paperclips.  I thought they would make great bookmarks and so did the kids. I can just see them with a crocheted flower or animal head on them.

I am almost finished with my baby goodies.  I am finished with the star blanket. Thank you to Sis for holding it up for me so I could get a pic.

And Mr. Snuggle Bunny.  Except he still needs a face.

I have three washcloths finished.
The look so cute when you roll them into the bunnies.

Then I had a dream the other night about a crocheted blanket that I am going to try to do and she may get it along with the rest.  Now I just need to find a basket to put it all in.  I found a cute pink one for the little girl set I did, but am having trouble finding a blue one I like.  Now I just have to get busy on my swap goodies.  I signed up for two for Valentines day.  I had forgotten about the one on Ravelry here.  Received the info on my partner last night.  Then I also signed up here Opens Jan 6th 2012 for my first blog swap.  If you would like to sign up for the second one it is open until Jan 14. I have a few things planned for each person now I just need to get busy.  I have not received info on the last person yet.  Should hear something by next week.  I am off to get busy on some of this stuff.  I hope everyone has a great week.  If it is cold at your house stay warm.


  1. Wow you have been busy, I love your hexi-puffs the ice cream colours are so sweet.xxx

  2. Pretty puffs! Your star blanket is very nice and the bunny washcloths are such a cute idea

  3. Wow so much lovely crafting in one post. I too am knitting my hexipuffs until I run out of colour and than just add in the new colour, so some of mine look like yours with just a little bit of colour on top. The face washers look of so cute rolled up into bunnies. xx

  4. Beautiful puffs. I love all your projects and I especially love the star blanket.

  5. Your hexipuffs look great, I love the turquoise colour. Your right, the pastel shades look very ice creamish.
    You are so productive, your star blanket is wonderful.

  6. All your baby gifts look fab - I'm tempted to make a snuggle bunny too. Judy x

  7. Lovely puffs! Your star blanket is gorgeous, perfect for a baby!

  8. Oh my goodness you are a busy lady! I love the star blanket... but I want to now what your sister looks like now... I tried to see through the spaces, but no luck! Your crochet hexi-puffs are lovely.. :)x

  9. Great haul of goodies! Love the idea of folding washcloths up into bunnies! Very cute :)

  10. Hi Kendra! You held the blanket up beautifully! :)x

  11. Great idea to fold the baby washcloths like bunnies. I just might have to try that! :)

  12. Thank you ladies for all of the wonderful comments. I love making the baby goodies. I just wish I had crocheted when my kids were babies. Oh the fun I could have had. Oh well there will be grandbabies one day. And all of you wondering about that tall sweety peeking through the star blanket. That is Miss Kendra my sweet baby girl (12). She is taller than me, has beautiful copper hair and brown eyes. Have a great day.


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