Friday, January 6, 2012

A Quiet Friday

AHHH... Listen....Do you hear that?...Me too, just the clock ticking, the furnace running and a bird chirping outside.  My kiddos went back to school yesterday and today is my first day home alone since before Christmas.  I love my kids but mama needs a little quite time sometimes. 

Opens Jan 6th 2012
I am so excited. I signed up yesterday for my first blog swap.  Click on the pic above and it will take you to Cheryll's blog post about it.  I missed all of the Christmas ones and couldn't wait for the next one to come up.  I can't wait for her to email me with the information about my swap buddy.  I have a few ideas about what I will make but I don't want to ruin the surprise so I will post after she gets them.

This is a horrible picture of me but it is also going to be one of my favorites.  Tuesday night(1/3/12), Mr Boo informed me that he wanted to learn to "croshet".  I love the way her pronounces it.  His daddy informed him it was crocheting and he said I know that is what I said.  So his daddy, ordered to do so by Mr. Boo, puts a note on the micro wave door for me to teach him the next day.  Who needs a note when you have a 6 year old who gets up at the break of dawn, comes in your room, crawls up in the bed with you and whispers "Mommy are you awake?"  "No son, not yet." "Mommy, are you going to teach me to croshet today?" "Yes, sweet baby just let me get awake." So I get up, get dressed, go take my lovely thyroid meds (Had mine totally removed a couple of years ago), fix him a little something to eat, then we grab some red yarn of course and off we go.  He climbs up in my lap in the recliner, mind you his is already about 4 1/2 feet tall, and we go at it.  He did a pretty good job.  He made a few chains and said OK now I want to go back the other way so I can make a washcloth or a blanket.  Bless his heart he is one determined little man.  I told him that he needed to keep practicing the chain first and get it down good then we would go the other way and make a row.  His sweet sister took the pics and was laughing at our faces because we were concentrating so hard on what we were doing.  After this we went to see the Muppets movie.  I loved it and so did the kids.  If you get a chance to see it you should. Oh and Miss Hopie Nope is a blogger now.  She posted her first post about her crochet here.

Here is what I have done so far on my baby goodies.  The bunny is done and needs a face.  For some reason I always wait until the last minute to do the face.  The blanket is coming along nicely, I hope to get most of it done today.  I have been working on my puffs and they are starting to add up.  I sat at the car lot for about 3 hours yesterday having my oil changed and stuff checked on my car.  I got two done while I sat there.  I did have trouble with one and kept having to rip it out.  There were too many people wandering and I had a giant iced tea that was starting to affect me .  I don't do much caffeine and let me tell you a tea that big gave me the runaway jiggies.  My mouth goes one speed while my brain goes another.  It's funny but not a good thing. 

Image of Touchdown Wristers
My crochet to do list just keeps growing.  After the baby goodies are finished I am going to make Sissy roo a pair of wristers.  Lion Brand puts out a little booklet/catalog, if you don't get it you should.  They post pics of some of their newest free patterns and the yarn that was used to make them.  Of course I have an overabundance of the Hometown USA yarn and that is what the wristers are made of.  Luckily I have some yellow and green that she loves to make them with.  I think I will add a little ruffle of some kind at the bottom because a girly girl must have ruffles, even if she is about to be 13.  She got her first pair of Toms shoes for Christmas and is about to go crazy over them.  She got the silver glitter ones.  She was going to get the black glitter but couldn't find them in her size.  I get a pair of the black glitter for my birthday (1/21).  Mom(I-L) got them for sis but they were the wrong size (they fit me) so she decided to keep them for me and just go pick her up another pair.

OK enough of my ramblings.  I am off to find something more productive to do besides ramble on and on and one.  Have a great day and if it is cold where you are stay warm.  We have been blessed with 60 deg F weather here.  I will leave you with a few pics I took with my phone on the way home from the movies the other day.  We took the senic route to get there.  They are of a place near our house called War Eagle Mill. I didn't take a picture of the mill but you can see it if you click on the link.

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