Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year.  We, being lazy, went to bed early.  Then right around midnight our dogs were barking in the new year.  They are so cute.  We got them around the end of October first of November as an early Christmas present for the kids from their Grammy and Papa.

This is Mr. Buddy Boo                                                      This Is Mr. Rolly Polly

They are part black lab part German Shepperd.  Buddy is the(mostly) calm one and Rolly is a ball of energy.  So once the woke us up, Hubby came back to bed from hushing them and said "Happy New Year, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ". :) 
I haven't got much to show for crochet work since Christmas.  I did start the hexi puff for the bee keeper's quit, crochet version of course.  Only two of them and no pic yet.  They are soo fun and of course the kids love to squish them.  I also made some polymer clay handles for some of my crochet hooks yesterday.  Will post picks when they are all finished.  I got the idea from Deby's blog.  So far they turned out cute.  We spent Friday and Saturday at our little cabin in the woods.  Just the day though because we shut the water off during the winter so the pipes don't freeze while we are not there.  Gotta love using the outhouse.  It was put in before we put in house. My hubby bought the 170 acres for hunting and the kids and I use it to run free on.  I get a lot of crochet and reading done there. I also don't like to leave because there isn't much stuff over there and no mess.  Then you come home to a mess and want to run screaming.  Here are some pics I took while we were there.

These are of the kids favorite creek. They love to play here in the summer. There is a small waterfall in the top pic. They love to try to make it bigger.

A view from the porch.

I also had a surprise this morning in my inbox.  I won Susan's A Goodbye to 2011 and a Hello to 2012 Giveaway giveaway!  It is a cute Dino hat.  I plan to make in pink and purple for a little girl I know who loves Dino's.
I hope you all have a wonderful lazy day.  I am off to get busy on my list of stuff to do this year. I'll leave you with what I have so far.

1. Blue Blanket, Bunny, and Washcloth set.
2. Design More Nintendo DS Cases. One for K's friend and one for Mr. Boo.
3. Start Bee Keeper's Quilt (crochet version). I have two puffs done and another started. (started on 12/30/11)
4. Make SIBOL Squares And Send.  K is also going to make some.  Sue said that if she did she would be the youngest (12) to donate squares.  I thought that was cool. 
5. More To Come.


  1. Ooooooooooh the puppies are gorgeous :)

  2. Happy new year to you and your family. Your little dogs are so beautiful. I have 2 dogs. And one is pregnant. She will have babies in one or two days. We like all animals but expecially homeless dogs and cats.. Best wishes...

  3. In your blog it almost looks like you are living the (my) dream :) I'm looking forward to seeing many more posts.


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