Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello! And Another Win

Hello everyone.  Just wanted to let you know I am still alive.

Question of the day:  What is/was your favorite Easter candy? Either as a child, now or both.  Please leave a comment and let me know.
My all time favorite are peeps.
My mom always made sure I had peeps for Easter. Yellow chicks and pink bunnies.  Even after I got married she would buy them for me for Easter. Then when I had my kids she started sending them some too. I also love the Cadbury mini eggs and cream center/caramel eggs.  And of course who doesn't love a choco bunny or chicken for Easter?

 I have had a crazy week and it is only Tuesday.  My sweet girl came home yesterday from school telling me about some little punk who walked up to her and informed her that she was about to be the victim of "Kick a Ginger Day".  The he preceded to kick her.  This is some sick "game" that kids are "playing" on kids who have red hair.  There are even websites that with detailed information about it. The say that kids who have red hair, freckles and blue eyes don't have a soul.  Talk about sick.  My daughter has brown eyes and very few freckles and copper hair. I had a big blow up with the school and am still not happy with the way it was handled.  My kids are proud of the color of their hair because that is the color that God chose for them.  Oh don't get me started again.  UGHHH.  I didn't sleep much last night and when I did I dreamed about being in the principals office giving her what for.  I am the worst mama bear that there is.  Miss HopieNope was informed that the next time the little snot did this to inform him it was also kick him the the b***s day too.  Pretty sure that this would stop it for sure.  We don't encourage our to be violent but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself in order to stop this kind of thing.  I mean what if some sick child decides it is "Bring a gun and shoot a Ginger day".  Then what is the school going to do?

Enough of that I jumped off of my soap box and am back in my chair.  I did win another goody!
This is a Picture Collage Maker Pro from Pearl Mountain.   I won it from Aprile at http://thesteadyhandblog.com.  She has lots of giveaways going on all the time.  I can't wait to use it.  All I had to do was down load it and enter the registration code.

More good news is it is only the third day of the month and I have already sold 2 patterns.  I can't wait until tomorrow so I can get some crochet done.  I spent the day talking to people from the school, getting the shopping done and getting my preop blood work and stuff done.  D & C on Friday.  Then we are off to spend the weekend at the cabin.  Mr. Boo is going turkey hunting with day and he can't wait.

I should have my Pink Zebra goodies for my review by the end of this week or the beginning of next week then I can do the giveaway for you lovelies.  Have a great night or day which ever the case may be where you are.


  1. Someone needs to speak to that kid's parents ASAP! My son's received more than his fair share of bullying this year, mostly because he's a sweet, shy, quiet kid who wears glasses. I don't understand how parents can let their kids act like this. Of course, the kid who was bullying mine had no idea that their "little angel" was causing such a big problem at school. I think they were suffering from Ostrich Syndrome!

  2. Mine was Cadbury Cream Eggs. ;-)

    I'm so sorry about that bullying. It just makes me sick! She so blessed to have her mama taking care of her and watching out for her. You go girl!!

  3. mine was a cream egg but now i find them too sweet and sickly.
    You stand on your soap box and shout as load as you want. Bullying is out of order! Quite a lot of kids that bully learn it from their parents. It is out of order and needs stopping!
    Congrats on the win!

  4. I love the pics at the top of duck ducks!
    Some parents bring their children up (sorry drag their children up) to think bullying violence and abuse is acceptable however what it shows is a lack of intelligence! This behaviour is not acceptable! Red hair is used as an excuse to be horrible by some people. My personal opionion is red hair is beautiful!
    Well done on your win x


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