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Pink Zebra Review and Giveaway!!

This week I have been blessed to be able to review some wonderful Pink Zebra products!  And of course I am going to get to share some of these goodies with you also.  First I want to thank a wonderful lady named Kristen LaCroix,, who has agreed to sponsor this giveaway, and then tell you a little about Pink Zebra. After finding out about the way Pink Zebra gives back to single mom's I wanted to share more about this company with you.  Their Heroes program  is a cause that is near and dear to my heart because I grew up in a household supported by a single mother.  I am also having a party along with this review so if you are interested in ordering please go HERE to do so.  For every 500+ sales party, Pink Zebra will donate 1 day of daycare to single mothers. 

Pink Zebra’s founders, Tom and Kelly Gaines, met while working for a candle manufacturer 15 years ago, where Kelly was in Marketing and Tom involved in sales.  Taking their incredible experience in the candle and fragrance industry, they knew they could create fun, unique and high quality products for customers.  After much consideration they decided to pursue the dream of owning their own business.
Like most new business ventures, it was not easy.  The business began in their home with no employees, a large credit card debt, and a strong will to succeed.  Within eight years they, along with the help of their incredible family of employees built a company strong enough to purchase one of the largest candle manufacturers in the U.S.  During the past eight years Tom and Kelly’s mission has been to connect with the consumer directly.  This year they will accomplish their quest by sharing these products and the business opportunity directly with people all over the United States through Pink Zebra.  Pink Zebra products are also made exclusively in America.
HEORESTom and Kelly want to give back through the success of Pink Zebra.  They have chosen to support and provide aid to single moms all over the country.   HEROES which stands for:  Helping,Encouraging, Rewarding & Obtaining Education for Single moms is Pink Zebra’s charity.  Single moms* instill values in kids, earn the money, pay the bills, help with homework, cook, clean, go to school – you name it – single moms do it.  Many of these moms need extra help, but never ask for it.  Pink Zebra is proud to support this need all over the United States helping pay for daycare so they can pursue their dreams with one less thing to worry about.  Pink Zebra loves to party and so do our consultants, so whenever a consultant holds a qualifying party; Pink Zebra will donate money to support the single mom’s cause.  No matter where you live, each one of the consultants, hosts and customers who hold a party will be part of the HEROES cause. 
Their goal is to pay for 1,000,000 days of daycare over the next 10 years and truly change lives.  
Click HERE to find out more about Pink Zebra's Heroes Mission.
When I opened the box full of goodies, this is what I found.  Pink Zebra packages their products in these beautiful boxes.  I will be saving mine to reuse as gift boxes or something.  They are just too pretty to get rid of!
For my review I received the Large Simmer Pot in brown.  As well as 2 Sprinkle Jars in Summer Berry Medley and Vanilla Creme.  I love the high gloss finish on the Simmer Pot.  When I was picking out what I wanted to review I couldn't decide which color to go with so I asked my husband.  He said" pick the brown one it's shiny".  I'm glad I listed to him because I love it!  This one also comes in an Ivory color and both have an heirloom scroll pattern. They also carry Small Simmer Pots as well as the new Simmering Lights Collection. Pink Zebra carries a wide range of products, other than the Simmer Pots and Sprinkles, for your home and kitchen including Candles, Re-sealable Reed Diffusers, Kitchen Candles, as well as Soaps and Lotions.

The labels on the sprinkle jars are too cute.  I love the logo that Pink Zebra uses.  These jars are glass not plastic which I liked.  This means when my sprinkles are gone I can reuse them for something else. I may just have to sit them on my desk to hold my small crochet hooks or something.

When I opened the boxes for the sprinkles I was pleasantly surprised to find these little inspirational cards on top of each one.

They have over 40 fragrances to choose from so there is bound to be a scent everyone will love.  They also come in a rainbow of colors.  The sprinkles are super concentrated levels of high quality fragrance oils and premium soft soy wax blended together.  I loved both of the fragrances I received, but the vanilla creme is my favorite.  Mr. Boo wanted to know if he could eat them after smelling them.  When I told him no he said" but mommy they say they are sprinkles!"  Gotta love kids!  And yes they do smell good enough to eat.

The Vanilla Creme has a yummy vanilla frosting or cupcake smell to it.  It is a relaxing smell that makes you think of mom baking a yummy cake or dessert.
The Summer Berry Medley has a mixed berry smell to it.  It is a fruity sent that is very refreshing and clean smelling.

Don't those sprinkles look pretty in the warmer.  They are pretty and smell wonderful even before they melt.

My daughter informed me that the berry was a little strong.  I don't use the perfumey scents in our house because it tends to cause sneezes and also complaints from the Man of the house.  They berry is a little stronger than what my family is used to, but now we are in love with it. I couldn't decide which to use first so I mixed them together and used them both.  That's the fun part of these sprinkles, you can mix two or more scents and make a whole new scent.  Within thirty minutes to and hour my whole house smelled wonderful.  My daughter walked into the kitchen where I have it plugged in at and said "Mom it smells sooooo good in here!!"  She decided she liked the berry after all.   My whole house took on a fresh clean scent that I couldn't get enough of.

The large simmer pots are electric and  have decorative holes in the sides of the base to allow ambient light to shine out.  Sorry this is not the best picture but you get the idea.  The best part is that these large warmers use a 25-watt, 2 prong Halogen bulb that you can buy at your local store if this one goes out.  No special bulbs that may not be around in a year or two and nothing that costs an arm and a leg to find and replace.  The cord has an ON/OFF switch so you can leave it plugged in where you want it and just turn it off with the switch.  The small warmers have a warming plate that the dish sets on, and the Simmering Lights warmers Metal Cutout Pasiley Design shadeuse a 25 watt bulb.


The best part of the day was when my husband came home and didn't comment about the fragrance.  I was waiting for him to comment and the only thing he said was that he could see that I received my goodies.  I was surprised because he doesn't like very many candles or the plug in scents that I have brought home.  For him to not comment on the fragrance let me know that Pink Zebra was a hit even with his picky nose.  He even left if plugged in until we went to bed.  If he doesn't like a scent that I am using he is bad to sneak around and unplug or hide what ever it is that I am using.  So if you have a husband with a picky nose he will even be please with Pink Zebra's fragrances.

If you want to change out the scents you are using just pop the warmer's dish in the freeze for a little bit and them you can pop the wax out and add a new fragrance.  I can't say enough about these products and can't wait for one of you to win some so you can share in the fun and understand what I mean.  You can also pour your favorite sprinkles on top of a candle. Change your fragrance
If you can't wait to win the awesome prize below, go HERE to order some of Pink Zebra's great items today!!

I received the above named products for review purposes by a Pink Zebra representative.  The opinions and comments in this review are my own.  I was in no way compensated for a positive review.

Now onto what you can win.  Up for grabs is 1 Glimmer Candle Kit which includes : 1 Decorative Glass Container and 3 Wicks, plus your choice of any 2 Sprinkle Jars .Glimmer Candles - How to

 Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  This giveaway is US only due to the fact that Pink Zebra ships only to the US at this time.  Good Luck!  
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