Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Has Gone WAY Too Far!!

I posted yesterday about my daughter being bullied at school.  She has a boy walk up to her and tell her "you are about to be the victim of Kick a Ginger Day."  The principal called the boy in her office and talked to him and nothing else was done.  They even had the gaul to ask my daughter if she was a "professional worrier"!!!  The are making it into her problem not the other way around.  She is a straight A student and has never had a problem at school up until this.  They even told her because she was a straight A student that they wanted her there at school.  All she is to them is a straight A student with great test scores and nothing else. Today there was an E! News special about bullying on T.V.  I am concerned that it will now blow it up even more and cause even more problems for my children and other red haired children.  This is the "official" website for the "Kick a Ginger Day"  Twitter exploded with posts about it after the E News special aired today.  People think this is funny.  How would they feel if it was them or one of their children having this done to them?  I have contacted my local news stations and news papers about it so that maybe we can get word out to parents that this is going on.  One child was kick 80 different times in one day when all of this first started.  It started on an episode of South Park.  It then became a Facebook Group.  Now they even have official kick a Ginger days scheduled each year for November 20.  I'm sorry if my daughters principal doesn't want to recognize the fact that she has bullies in "her school" but guess what it's real!  Please help me spread the word about this. One boy at another school was kicked 80 times in one day.  What happens when they decide it is bring a gun and shoot a Ginger day or one of these kids get kicked to death?  Kids at my daughters school were afraid to tell the teachers because they were blowing them off about it. I am in an uproar over this.  I am not one to get upset easy but this has set me off!!  My kids are proud of their hair color and will continue to be if I have anything to do about it!! Please pray for me that I do what needs to be done to help get this stopped as well as for my family and others who are going through this.  Please spread the word about it also!!  Post on your Facebook pages, twitter, your blog everywhere you can!!  Thanks for your help!


  1. This is just terrible - I'm sorry your daughter is going through this. Your family will be in my prayers.

  2. I am sorry your daughter has this problem.. Bullying is a huge problem... My grandson was bullied because of his lovely red hair.... I do hope it can be resolved quickly ..
    You are in our prayers :))

  3. How awful! I think it is terrible for news and social medias to make lightly of things like this. I would definately be talking to someone about an act of physical violence to another child.I will be praying for your daughter and your family. whatever happened to schools having zero tolerance? geesh.hugs to your daughter:)

  4. I hate bullying. Any sort. And discriminating anyone for their hair color is just as bad as discriminating for religion, gender, skin color, anything. I'm not a red head or ginger but think they're beautiful and would be proud to be one. Help your daughter stay strong...and let's hope someone takes a stand to stop this!

  5. That is really bad! I can't believe people are letting children of that age un-supervised onto the internet. It must be one iresponsible parent that lets there children find out about these things in the first place.

  6. This is awful and my heart goes out to you and your family. Many prayers for all of you.(((Hugs)))

  7. I have just read your previous post and this one too. This is awful. Bullies pick on those that stand out from the crowd and do not conform to the norm! I my self make sure that I stand out I do not want to be normal as that is boring. You are right your children should e proud of who they are and these people are the losers! My thoughts are with you and especially your beautiful daughter! I know you will do what needs to be done. ((hugs))

  8. oh, I can relate: I had reddish hair, lots (ok, more than lots) of freckles and was skinny, skinny, skinny. A perfect target.

    I do beleive that a major part of the problem now is that there are so many anti-bully laws and no-bullying meetings that people automatically think that because there is a law out there, someone will take care of it. The reaction to bullying is to go out and have more talks and more laws and try to fix the problem after the fact. Really, if laws were going to take care of everything, no one would speed on the highway: there is a law against it; you know.

    oh, talk about a soapbox! sorry, I have had to deal with bullying and there seems to have been a better reaction in the past than now.

    You go MamaBear!

    prayers for you and your daughter that the school will become more focused on stopping the bullying and less focused on how it might reflect on the school.


  9. Thank you all for your heart felt comments and prayers. I hope all of the stink that I have made will help them realize that they need to fix things in their school!! Luckily my son will not attend this middle school as they are almost finished with a new one even closer to our home.

  10. At your daughters school there are many things that go un-checked. From the lack of quality in some of the teachers who have chosen to bring their personal problems to school to lay on their students, to the lack of concern of the principal at that school. We also have had problems that for the most part have gone without much resolve. At our previous school, the principal was on top of things and did all she could do to help with our issues with another student. The sad thing is, I feel compelled to hold onto my thoughts about this until the end of the school year so that my child doesn't get discriminated against for me air my grievance with the school and school board.
    Anthony M


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