Thursday, March 15, 2012

I NEED HELP!!!!! H..E..L..P.. ME!! PLEASE?

This crud that I have had has my brain in a fizzle!!  It is now time for me to change colors on the swaddle blanket and I have no clue what soever of what color to use.  I took some pictures of it laid out with some of the colors I had thought might go with it, thinking if I saw them together they might "speak " to me.  So here they are. Please keep in mind that all of these are the same blanket but the camera caught the color different almost every time.  The picture with just the blue is the closest to the actual color as I can give you.
 The colors are, going clockwise, we will start with red, yellow, black, white, and royal blue.
This is the yellow.
 Here is the original version(click on pic for link to pattern)

Not sure if this helped me at all.  Any suggestions Ladies and Gents?  Should I even add another color or just make it all one color. I am going nuts here.    I have decided that the next thing I request for myself will be a new camera.  These little Kodak pocket digital cameras are great, but for blog pictures and selling things I think it is time to invest in a better one.

I went out and took some pictures of our Bradford Pear tree in the front yard today.  It felt good to get out of the house.  It has be threatening rain all day but nothing yet.
I just love these flowers.  They are so pretty.

 I made a new friend today.  His name is Flitter McFlittington.  And he, my friends, is a lovely butterfly. I wish you could see the top part of his wings better they are the most lovely of blues. You can just barely see it.  He was quite a ways up in that tree and I did good to get the pictures I got of him.

He was very shy and didn't like his picture taken much.  I had to sneak up on him and snap them when he wasn't looking.  If the sun had been shining I think the pictures would have turned out better.  That and I had two helpers trying to figure out if mommy had something for them to eat.  I had to keep saying sit.  Those puppies sure do like for me to feed them.  Sorry no pics of them.  They were too busy trying to eat me and the camera, so I had to go back in.  That and the bees ran off my new friend.  Well I am off to stare at these colors and see if I can make a decision. Please leave me a comment and let me know which one you like best.


  1. I'd like the white or yellow best. It looks like a beautiful blanket. I love the texture the stitch gives. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket.

  2. I like the white or black. Simple, I am!
    Good luck

  3. I like it with the darker blue.

  4. White or yellow. Or both. A bit of yellow right next to the blue and then some white after that?

  5. I like the red or dark blue. The red is a fantastic contrast and the dark blue is a really good matching colour.

  6. I am so drawn to the red (but tht is my favorite colour at the minute) or the yellow. I think they make a brilliant contrast.
    Look at the blossom on the tree so beautiful as is your new butterfly friend .

  7. white is my go to choice... but red looks amazing with teal too... but white would be my first choice =) Hope it helps!!!

  8. Hi Mel :)
    For a little boy... from your color swatch, I too like the Yellow!!

    - White tends to look dirty easily (even when it is not)
    - The 2nd Blue seems a bit dark for the Peacock blue (but that could just be a lighting thing)
    - The Red would also look nice and depending on the timing, could work if you wanted a gorgeous "Patriotic Swaddler" (1 edge in white then changing to the vibrant red)

    I LOVE your pear tree! The blossoms look amazing! This week has been sort of odd... we were in the 70s on Tuesday and the rest of the week was "grab your heavy jacket" weather.. but next week we are supposed to be back in the high 60's low 70's and it won't be long before I am itching to be outside in the garden instead of stuck in the house!


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