Monday, March 5, 2012

Testers Needed

Ok I think I am finished with my Quackers The Baby Duck pattern. Now I just need a few people to test him and make sure he makes since. Please leave me a comment below if you are interested. I would love to know who would receive your ducky when you were finished with him and if you would use the same colors I did or something different. Please let me know also if you have ever tested for anyone before. Don't forget to leave me an email so i can get in touch with you. I will be working everyday except Thursday this week so I will try to contact the ones I choose then.

I sold my first pattern on Craftsy yesterday. If you have not heard of Craftsy yet let me introduce them to you.

We're Craftsy.

We Learn.

We take online courses together from amazing instructors. We strive to be better at what we do, and to learn new techniques we haven’t tried.

We Inspire.

We share our projects and take pride in what we make

We Help.

We share suggestions, tips & tricks – helping other Craftsy members complete projects.

We Create.

We Knit. We Quilt. We Crochet. We Make Jewelry. We Sew. We Decorate. We’re Creative. We’re Unique.
They are a community of people who love to make things - learning from, inspiring and helping one another. They are now offering pattern sales on their site. They best part is it is completely free to sell your patterns there. They state that they will never charge for you to sell on their site. Go over and check them out I love it there.

Stacy over at Freshstitches is hosting click on the picture and it will take you there for more information and to sign up. Hope you all have a great week. Mine is proving to be a busy one. I have to sub for Mr. Boo's teacher Monday (today), Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of this week. Then Thursday will be parent teacher conference for Sissyroo and then possibly a Dr. visit (more on that later maybe, had two last week ugghh). Now, I'm off to find something relaxing to do until bed time. I'm sure it will be something to crochet or read knowing me. Oh and don't forget about my Fiber Trends sponsored Pattern Giveaway HERE.


  1. I'd love to test out Quackers! He's so very cute. My SIL is having a baby in August, so I'd probably making one for her...or maybe for another friend who's due in September. Depending upon the sex of the babies, I'd probably use either blue and green or yellow and pink.

  2. I wouldn't mind testing out Mr. Quackers. :o) I have a friend who is due this summer so he would go to her. I might use different colors...maybe a soft yellow and brown. You can reach me through my blog. :o)BTW - I found you through Kathryn at Crochet Concupiscense (sp?).

  3. Adorable duckie!

    So happy you're joining in on design week. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Hi Melissa, just came over from the flower bed. I'd love to test for you. I'm janjan on the flower bed. I haven't tested for anyone before, but i've had my own designs published in the Australian Handmade magazine and my hooks are always looking for something else to do.


  5. oops, I forgot to tell you who' i'd make it for. A few of my friends are expecting grandkids so it would make a nice gift for them.I would use up yarn from my stash, probably a paler yellow or orange with a darker shade of orange. Or there again I might just go mad and use really bright colours - neon pink and lime green.


  6. Thanks for all the volunteers!! Don't forget to leave me an email so I can reach you.

  7. My email address, which I clearly forgot to leave for you (thanks for the reminder!) is:
    fiona (dot) skye (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Do you still need testers? How many were you hoping would test?
    justforthis917 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  9. I'm starting mine today so will hopefully had it finished before Monday :-)


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