Monday, March 26, 2012

A Weekends Worth OF Fun

Warning!!  This post if full of pictures.  If you want to see any of them larger just click on them.

Question of the day:  Where was your favorite place to play or romp as a child? Please leave a comment below.
Mine was in the woods by where we lived.  There was a creek there that had large rocks kind of shape like furniture.  My brother and I as well as all of the neighbor kids played there a lot.

As promised here are some picture from our romps this weekend.  We started out on Saturday in the hollows and springs around our house.
 This is the hollow to the east of our house.  We are down in the bottom and the side were pretty steep.
 This is an old car that was drove off into the hollow a VERY long time ago.  There are plans to take down part of the fence above it and pull it out sometime soon.
There were lots of new baby tree coming up everywhere.  We had a terrible ice storm a few years back that had a horrible impact on our trees so this will be a wonderful addition.

 Here is a close up of the car.  We climbed up to see it closer.  Mr. Boo wanted to sit inside.  Mom said NO!!!!!
This is Mr. Wormy.

 Some lovely moss.  It was so soft to touch the kids loved it.

 Mini palm trees.  Maybe fair umbrellas
 Heart shaped dirt
 More of the hallow.
 Yes that is a cow.  If you look towards the back end of her you can just make out a little brown something. She has just given birth to a new baby.  The kids were in awe of this sight.  We actually got to watch part of it take place.
 Here is the little guy later.  We had to go put up the doggies so they wouldn't bother the new mom.  Yes the picture is a little off center.  It is that way for a reason.  The part I cut off was not something I really wanted to share with all of you or something you wanted to see.

He says"  Now I know there is a bottle of milk here somewhere".  He did finally get lunch.
 This is a spring that is on the neighbors land.

 A heart shaped cute out in the rocks.
 Not sure what used to be here.  Maybe a well house.
Say Hello to Mr. Crawdad/Crayfish

 Baby Salamander.

The next pictures are from Sunday.  
When we got over to the cabin, I went into the outhouse.  (We don't have the water on in the house in the winter so the pipes won't freeze while we are away.)  Let's just say it was already occupied. This little guy is now known as "Outhouse Mouse". He had a friend as well.  Hubby ran them out so I could use it.  The mouse is very cute. Hubby is my Hero!!

 In Front of the cabin.
 Turkey Tracks. These tracks are about the size of my hand.  Boo can't wait to get out on April 6 and hunt for him.  Nummy Nummy Mr. Turkey.

 Deer Tracks.
 Playing in the creek. Boo loves his Fireman Boots.
Mr. Snail.  We saw most of his family also. Even a tiny baby one.

Dad joined in on the fun today.  Isn't sis cute with her pants rolled up and her rubber boots on.  Don't tell her  I showed you this she might hurt mom. We had to get her some rubber boots as she had none.  She had to have the fancy ones with the hearts on them.  She is momma's girly girl.

Mr. Boo is in heaven!  Look mom a deer "horn".

The creek at the waterfall.  

 The waterfall.  We have owned this land for over 7 years and this is the first time I have seen the waterfall.
This little guy down in the water ruined all our fun.  No more playing in the creeks for this year now that the water moccasins are out and about.  We also have copper heads so not much tromping will be done in the woods either.

Some kind of fungus/mushroom.  The kids thought they were cool.  They would make nice fairy boats or even a fairy car.
View down the "gas line".

My cool find.  An arrow head.  Hubby thinks I'm cool now because I found a treasure.  The kids always knew mom was cool.  Thank you Miss Tootie for being my hand model.

I am leaving you with the sights and sounds at the waterfall.  Enjoy.  Sorry if it is a little jerky.  I used my digital camera to do the video also.  I hope you enjoyed our day out I know we did.  There are lots more pictures but I only posted a few. I may have to work from Tuesday on so I may not see much of you until the weekend.  If not have a great week.


  1. Thank you so much for taking us along on your little tromp through the woods! ^_^ And "Welcome to the world" to little 'Moo Moo'! :-))

  2. You brought back many of my own memories spent tromping through the woods and playing alongside the river... I still do love to get out in the woods and mess around by the water!

  3. We had a park with waterfalls near our house where we spent hours hiking and swimming! Such fun!

  4. Just seen ur blog announced on Debbi's blog and wanted to say hello and really enjoyed your blog:)


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