Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh What A Week and A Winner

Hello Everyone out there in bloggy land.  This Lazy Daisy has been very L..A..Z..Y.. this week.  I came down sick with the allergy/sore throat crud on Saturday, then come mid morning on Monday the tummy bug hit and hug on until mid morning Tuesday.  I have been dragging ever since but and up an moving much better today.  So far no one else in the family has come down sick.  Praise the Lord!!  I was supposed to have minor surgery today but that had to be rescheduled for April.  Enough whining and on with the winning.

It is time for me to announce the winner for the Fiber Trends Gecko Pattern.  Drum Roll Please.........

And the WINNER IS.......

SUSAN D...... Who said "I have added your giveaway to my site :-) I am a follower & my favorite pattern is
1 entry will do for me, like to give everyone a chance ;-)"

One entry was all she needed because out of the three comments she was the only entry.  Congrats my friend.  I will be contacting you for your address so I can get this mailed out to you.

I have to share with you my win for this week.  I won this!!! 


I was soooo excited! and teamed up to give it away.  Thanks ladies.  I can't wait to get it!  My MIL has decided that it would make a wonderful gift for her.  I'm thinking NOPE...ALL MINE!!

I have gotten a little crochet work done this week.  I am working on this
(Click on Picture for pattern.) 
I am doing mine in a pretty teal/peacock color.  I can't figure out what color to use with it.  Maybe you gals or guys can help me out. Here is what I have finished so far

This is a better picture of the color.  My camera shows it more blue that it is.
I Love This Yarn I Love This YarnI Love This YarnI Love This Yarn

White                                       Red                                   Yellow                        Royal Blue

I Love This Yarn I Love This YarnI Love This Yarn
Country Blue                         Stone wash                    Jelly Bean Green.

These are just some of the colors that I have on hand.     I was thinking white or yellow but my MIL thought the yellow was too girly.  I have no idea.     Let me know what you think. It is for a little boy.

Now to share so signs of spring with you.

I was out Saturday with the kids and this Lady Bug landed on my hand. Sis kept saying" hurry mom take her picture take her picture!!"
The I blew her off my hand and she landed on my sad looking Lilac bush.  I always love it when it turns green in the spring.  Nothing yet.
Then we discovered that the wild strawberries are already blooming little yellow flowers all along the edge of the house.

And of course my "Yellow Bush", as it is lovingly referred to.It is in the back yard.  Please ignore the gas tank.  At least it is a lovely shade of white.  You can see my little bird feeders hanging on my hubby made post.  It holds 4 hanging feeders.  Then under the bush is the bird bath and what is left of the large bird feeder.  It held 25lbs of birdseed in it's day.  The raccoons like to sit on it and take the lid off and had a nice evening meal.  The also pull on the clear plexi that held the seed in and break it so they can nibble away.  Well that's all I have for now.  I am leaving you with a cute giveaway and a reminder to enter my Miche Bag Giveaway HERE.

Cute Giveaway! Funny crocheted case Mobile Eater(click picture to go there) Good luck.



  1. Thank you ever so much! I'm glad you are feeling a bit better! My fingers are crossed the kids don't get ill! :-)
    Soooo glad you won the bag!

  2. Nice post – I certainly adore it. It’s a nice start learning the patterns which I think that is too easy. I’m looking forward for more photos. Thank you because I had learned from it.


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