Friday, March 16, 2012

Thanks For Your Help!

Thanks ladies for your comments on my last blog post.  I have found the perfect color to go with the one I already had.  I dug and dug in my box last night and came across a tiny bit of a turquoise color that I had left over from another project.  It had been stuck in a closet in my bed room up until this weekend when we cleaned out some stuff.  It was the perfect color to go with the teal/peacock color I had.  So here is a picture of them together.  Tell me what you think.  I wish I had found it before, I would have used it as the main color but it will be pretty this way also.

I picked up a basket to put the baby goodies in today also.  The best part was it was half price.  I love Hobby Lobby for always having great specials!!  I may crochet a liner for it.  It just seems too plain with the one that is in it.  It's just a creamy white color with lace around it.  If I had some dye to match the yarn I would just dye it.  Is it to girly do you think for a boy?  I can't wait to finish this blanket and start something else to go with it.  Not sure what it will be though.  I may have to find a bear or something.  She loves my piggy blanket (here), so she will be getting one of those also. I may have to do some hunting to find something cute to go with all of it.  If you would like to recommend something please let me know.    I may not make it back next week with the kids on spring break and Mr. Boo's birthday is Monday.  He will be.............Seven...........GULP.  Trying not to cry here. He is about to bust with excitement!  He is counting down the days.  We started a birthday  scavenger/treasure hunt a number of years ago and it has been a birthday tradition for both kids ever since.  I hide clues, with or without presents attached, all over the house and they get to find them.  Then they find the big treasure at the end and get to open all the presents.  In the beginning the other child got one present on their siblings birthday to make the treasure extra special but we have since done away with that.  Who ever is not the birthday child now get to help hide and be a part of the clues.  I can't wait!  I have fun with it also.  He has requested red velvet cupcakes with what else......Red frosting.  Mom was extra lovely and bought big bags of chocolate chips to sprinkle on top of them.  YUMMY. Have a great weekend everyone.  I plan to.  Don't forget my MICHE bag Giveaway here.


  1. Oh that is a lovely colour and match's perfectly.
    I love the idea of a birthday treasure hunt.
    I'm currently making a bear for a baby an got the pattern from a RICO pattern book I blogged about it earlier in the week and it's my wip Wednesday project to. There are a few cute patterns in the RICO book. Happy birthday to you young man x

  2. I really like the color combo. Good choice. =)

  3. The colours go really well together. I also love the basket just the way it is. I think it will show off the gifts more if you leave it that way.

  4. Those two yarns look perfect together... can't wait to see the finished blanket all made up

  5. Yup! you are correct - that is a great color!


  6. Love the colours! The birthday hunt is a fantastic idea! Hope he is having a good birthday


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