Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Adventures Of Mr. Piggy

I have someone I would like you to meet.  He is a new favorite around here.  I made him up last minute today for Mr. Boo's teacher. She is a BIG Arkansas Razorback fan.  Not sure what to call him yet, but here he is.

Oops he went all to pieces due to nerves about meeting everyone.  

Now that's better. 

Here he is visiting the flowers in Miss Hope's room due to the fact that it is too cold to go outside. He is sitting on a granny dishcloth that she made for her teacher.  She has a 3 piece set.  This is her first time to start one all by herself from a pattern with out mom's help. :)

Now he is visiting a bench just his size.

Mr. Piggy can you turn to the side and show us you CUTE little tail? And yes it does go springy springy.

Hop on Mr.Piggy and I will take you for a ride.

Whatcha doin in the plant (a thank you from all the 1st grade teachers at Mr.Boo's school) Mr.Piggy.  Hey what's that smell?

Mr. Piggy was found hiding in the tree.  He was a little worried about leaving the children.  They love him so much and gave him lots of snuggles.  After being assured his new home would be filled with children he was OK to go.  With a few more snuggles and goodbye kisses he has been packed away and put in the car (so he doesn't hide somewhere in the house and we can't find him come morning.)  I have to admit I am sad to see him go as well.  I have a feeling there will be at least 2 more of him made and running around soon.  I am going to try and get a pattern written up for him to put in my store.  He is just too cute and I had to share him.  Have a great night all.


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