Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Tuesday Again Already?

Edit:  You must see this post. I can NOT believe it is Tuesday again already. Go check out all of the Tuesday Tallies on Gigerbread Girls Blog. I am posing this on the fly.  My little man is home again today so I have to sneak pictures of his stuff on here without him see.  I had planned on finishing up his stuff today, I volunteer at his school on Monday's, but with him home that won't happen.  He started feeling bad Saturday with a cold.  Then Sunday night around 7:00 he started complaining of tummy pain.  Around 9:00 he was heaving up his toes, and that continued all night.  Yesterday he lay on the couch or in a chair most of the day. We almost had to take him to E.R. for dehydration issues(one tinkle all day) but when I said something about going he decided he could go. And go he did 4 more times. But he is doing 100 percent better today.  Pancakes for breakfast and gatoraid to drink. YUM I know thanks for sharing right.  Enough of that.   I am way behind on my one a day project for mom (in law).  I planned on crocheting a pot holder or dishcloth a day up until Christmas so I would have a wonderful surprise for her.  But as you can see I only had two new ones to add to last weeks stack.

And as you can see(frown :( ) I have not finished the pretty yellow and blue one. I found the pattern here.  She has a lot more beautiful square and other patterns on her site that I plan to use to finish up my mom gift with.  I would like to use her Falling Star Square, Blooming Lace, and Blooming Granny pattern.   So this means I must get with it today and tomorrow and get caught back up. I have a total of seven so I need to do at least two a day from now till then. Ahhh

As you can see I finished the Puppy scarf.  I need to press it and sew on the eyes.  I laid some on it so you could see how cute their little faces are.  His ears and nose are blue, it's hard to tell in the pictures.  I am thinking about stitching Mr.Boo's name on the bones. 

I finished the blanket for the snuggle puppy.  I was sitting in my bedroom floor last night with just the bathroom light on trying to hide and finish it up. Of course my sweet daughter found me and then it was "Mom it's dark in here how can you see here let me turn on the light.  Can you see better now."  And the whole time I was saying SHHHHHHH!!!  Now all I have to do is make a collar and attach his head to the blanket.  I was too tired last night to be creative enough to make one up. He wanted a blanket with the head in the middle. He said it would be like Lovely Carrot(duck blanket) on the cute show Chloe's Closet.  If anyone is interested I may write up the pattern for the snuggle puppy and put it in my Etsy store.  If I do I will need some testers though to make sure it works up OK with regular worsted weight yarn.  The yarn I used is Lion Brand Hometown USA.  It is a VERY bulky heavy weight yarn.  It is very soft and has a sheen to it.  I think it might be a little too heavy if it was made for a baby. 

At least I can still work on sister's stuff with him home.  I started her penguin yesterday.  She wanted Private from The Penguins of Madagascar.  I found the patterns here. There are patterns for all four of them.  Of course she wants me to make all four but said she would settle for Private for now because he is her favorite.  I hope I can finish by Christmas.  I don't think it should be a problem as long as no one else comes down with toe heaving syndrome around here.  Well, I am off to put clothes in the dryer.  I will leave you with a video of Chloe's closet I found on YouTube.  If you have kids go get them and have them watch it they will love it.  I even like to sit and watch.  There are a lot more on there if you want to watch more. The link above will take you to the PBS Kids website to find games and videos. Enjoy and have a great day.


  1. Cute dog scarf! My mom has a "thing" for penguins. Maybe I will make her one if I have time.

  2. You've been busy!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  3. I love your dog scarf it's so cute. Hope ur lil man gets better. There seems to be alot of it about t minute we have been struck with the sickness bug in my house too :-(.
    Great progress and some fab projects

  4. I wish you a merry Christmas! The puppy scarf is very cute :-). Good luck on finishing the penguin!

  5. Thanks so much ladies. I love all of your comments. Please check out my other post from today for some exciting news. Merry CHRISTmas to all.

  6. oh they all look so cute xx

  7. The puppy scarf is so sweet...it will look so lovely o the little one :)x

  8. Wow you are very busy. I love the puppy scarf and the snuggle puppy. Its difficult to get WIP's finished when prying eyes are all around :)

    Hope you have a very happy christmas and get all your projects finished :)

  9. Dear Melissa, I found your nice blog just now. Your puppy scarf is wonderful. And I really want to make this for my daughter.
    Merry Christmas..


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