Sunday, December 4, 2011

Craft Patterns Giveaway and Other Great Giveaways

Craft Patterns

Click on the craft patterns header to head on over to their Christmas Giveaway!
This is a one time chance! A Christmas Giveaway! Get 3 free patterns from the Craft Patterns !!
They choose 3 winners to each win 1 pattern.
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OK, so I found some more giveaways so just adding on to this one.

This one comes from marmalade and catmint.  This is her first giveaway so everyone go on over and support her.  The picture above shows two of the three things she will give away.  There is also a red felt heart that she is working on to add to the cuteness. Her giveaway ends on December 9th.  Good Luck.

These beauties are up for grabs at yarnroundhook.  She is giving away the snoflakes and your choice of the red or blue heart.  Good luck!  Her's ends Monday December 5th so hurry on over and enter today.

Another one to add
giveaway Congrats Week One December Giveaway Winners
Click on the link above and enter everyday to win something new.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely comments, and for mentionning my giveaway, you are in my draw, Good Luck X


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