Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jumping Up and Down

Look what I just found.

© Valerie Lawson

Do these look familiar to all of you?  They are a crochet version of the well known knit Hexi-puff.  I found a link to the pattern here.  The pattern is on Ravelry if you would like it.  PATTERN.  A wonderful woman named Valerie Lawson posted her pattern on Ravelry.  I can not wait to get started on some of these cute little Hexis.  I am not very good at knitting yet and was sad that I could not make one of The Beekeeper's Quilts by Tiny Owls Knits.  Now I can yeah!!  Ok enough of that I must get back to work. Have a great day.


  1. what a wonderful discovery! i shall have to add that to my q in revelry. I can't knit so crochet version is ideal for me. thank you

  2. Brilliant, thanks a million. I can't knit at all and would love to do the hexipuffs. Heading to Ravelry now :)

  3. I have seen those crochet hexipuffs too, and one day....one day... I will make a start...can't wait to see yours grow :)x

  4. Wow, I love your blog. I admire people who can crochet because I can't. It is on my list of things to learn one day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Can't wait to see your "puffs" when you get started :)

  5. I saw where you began to ask for prayer and then maybe deleted it, in my blog feed. Just so you know, I'm saying one now for whatever it is that you began to request it for. He knows.
    ~ t.


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