Saturday, December 10, 2011

We just finished decorating our holiday batch of little cookie people.  The picture above is the back of the box that the cookies and decorations were in.  I thought getting a gingerbread kit this year might take some of the stress off of me. 

So I cover the table with foil (little man is VERY messy).  Then I open the box and take out the contents (above).  8 gently wrapped cookies, a package labeled creamy white icing, 2 packages of fondant, a bags of rainbow dots, decorating bag and tip.  Come to find out I had to mix the icing powder (powdered sugar) with butter and milk, which made a very large mess on my counter.  I was thinking "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas",because it was snowing on my counter, and as my sweet hubby and kids pointed out later, my nose.  Then I had to role out the rock hard fondant.

Then the fun began.  This one looks like it is wearing a swim suit. 

And here is the finished product.  Mine are the first two on left, then sissy's are the next two, the next interesting two are Mr. Boo's and the last one that is mostly white is dear old dad's.  Daddy is "home" today.  He is out getting in wood and all stuff.  Anything to avoid being stuck in the house when the sun is shinning and he doesn't have to work.  They were very excited for daddy to come in and do a cookies with them.  He never does cookies, that is just for the three of us.  If you notice there are only seven decorated cookies.  One poor little fellow never had a chance.  He was attacked, broken into three pieces slathered with white icing and devoured. YUMMY! CRUNCH CRUNCH!!  GIGGLE GIGGLE.  Right now it is quite here though.  Mom came and got the kids and took them to her house (right up the road) to decorate her tree.  I was invited but said I would be there in a few.  Needed a few minutes to clean up the left over mess, shake off the sugar high, and share the fun with all my friends here in blog land.   Hope you all have us much fun today as we did.  Bye for now.

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