Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Better Day

I have worked on and off today on my newest pattern. It's another snuggle blanket, but more about that another day.  We all were lazy today so we decided to stay home from church and have a day of rest.  Hubby and Sissyroo had daddy daughter time over on our hunting land.  Hubby and his dad did a controlled burn yesterday and he wanted to make sure all was well.  Mr. Boo didn't want to go so we stayed home and had a romp here with the dogs.  First we decided to go fly a kite, literally.  It has been very windy and warm here today.
Here is Mr. Boo out in the middle of the field trying to stay away from the trees.
Then along came his helpers.  Every time the kite hit the ground they exploded with growls and barks acting all mean and nasty like and ready to attack.  They were so funny.

This is "Polly" in flight.  Mr. Boo loves parrots so of course his kite had to be a parrot.  He got it for Easter last year and sis got a butterfly.

After we, mostly mom, tired of flying the kite we moved on to riding our bikes up and down the drive.
Of course the dogs had to go for a run and let their tongues hang out.  Then if was time for a romp through the field to the pond.

This is where Mr.Boo's new favorite story was born.

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little blue shoe named Mr. Cloggy.  He and his best friend Mr. Boo went for a walk in the wide wide world.  They had their trusty dogs, Buddy and Rolly, by their sides.  While out on their adventure they came across a beautiful ocean.  They decided they wanted to see this ocean up close. At once they discovered beautiful shells along the edge of the water and decided to kick them back into the ocean.  All at once Mr. Cloggy flew through the air and landed in the ocean.  Mr. Cloggy floated along in the ocean for a few minutes while Mr. Boo and the puppies tried to figure out how to rescue him.  Then along came a beautiful fairy Queen and swooped in to rescue Mr. Cloggy.  Mr. Cloggy was returned to Mr. Boo safe and sound, although he was a little soggy.  The fairy Queen was rewarded with a kiss and Mr. Cloggy and Mr. Boo lived happily ever after.  The End...

I'm sorry to say there are no pictures of Mr. Cloggy's adventures in the pond.  Mom was too busy trying to get him out.  The dogs were no help at all.  All they could do was walk the bank and sniff at poor Mr. Cloggy.  Mr. Boo decided not to kick rocks in the pond with those kind of shoes on next time.  We had a fun day and even found our first signs of spring.  Boo informed me that I should take a picture of it and post it on my blog for all of you to see.  So here it is.
Tiny blue flowers in our back yard.  Boo had to run the dogs around the house so I could get the picture.  They kept licking me and trying to knock me down.
  This is what they looked like afterwords.  They were wore out.  Now that I have shared my day I need to go finish up some things and head the kids off to bed.  Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week.

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  1. Looks like a fun day! love the kite!
    Just to let you know I have given you an award today:


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