Saturday, February 18, 2012

A New Wiggles And Giggles Blanket

Hello everyone!!  I've missed you all but, I have been so busy this week that I haven't had much time to post.  Monday we had some snow.  It came in right around 6:30am which is a bad time for school kids.  Since kids were on buses they couldn't cancel school.  We are only 15 minutes away from school so we took it slow and made it there in one piece. I stayed at the school and helped in case they decided to call it an early day.  District wide there was less than 50 % attendance which is not a good thing.  Mr. Boo only had about 7 kids in his class of 25.  A few classes only had 4 of 20.  They pretty much had a play day.  By the time we got home the snow was a mushy muddy mess so we didn't even get to play in it.  The kids were not happy.  I had to sub on Tuesday and Thursday.  Wednesday I had a half a day at town getting the groceries then a bit of a rest that afternoon.  The kids had the day off on Friday. Yipee.

Now on to the goodies.  I have gotten quite a bit or crochet done since last week.  It started with this.
It is a Crochet Ruffle Valentin Wreath from Would You Like Yarn With That.  (click on link to get pattern)  Mine turned out cute but for some reason when I tried to hang it it wants to curl and is not stiff enough.  Will have to work on it a  little more.  I was making it as a teachers gift for Mr. Boo's teacher but since I couldn't get it to hang I whipped up these.

My sweet baby girl (12) modeled them for me.  Look at those perfect nails of hers.  Mine have never grown that well.  Of course I don't drink milk either.  I also worked up a yellow pair for my wonderful model so she felt well paid for her modeling.  No picture because they are hiding in her school bag. Now her best friend needs a blue pair.  You can find the free pattern for them HERE.  They are done in very bulky yarn and work up super fast. Yesterday, I went to the mail box and found my lovely package from my Initial Heart Swap.

I got some SUPER SOFT mittens in a fuzzy purple.  There was also some yummy chocolate, which got grabbed right after this picture was taken.  I did get to keep most of it though.  These goodies came from Lyndsay who lives all the way up in Canada.  I have been to Canada one time.  My husband and I went with his parents right after we got married.  We loved it but have not had a chance to get back.   I can't wait to wear my mittens.  We have another chance of snow tonight so maybe tomorrow to church. Here is my newest stash of yarn goodness.
I tried to separate the red and orange so you could tell them apart but it didn't help much.  And no to show you what all the colors are for.
This is my Wiggly Giggly Piggy blanket.  The pattern is finished and will be for sale soon.  The finished blanket will also be for sale.  Because we live in Arkansas my first piggy had to be red and white. I know pink will be cute too.  I think he is so cute.  You can click on the picture to make it bigger and see him better.  I am thinking about doing something different with the border on the next one but I'm not sure what.  Oh, in case you missed my other post today, I sold one of my Snuggle Puppy Patterns this morning.  I am so proud.  My first baby has gone out to a new home.  I guess I better get for tonight and get the kids heading towards bed soon. I must snuggle with my little snuggly man before bed.  Have a great rest of your weekend.

EDIT:  The pattern for the Wiggly Piggy is now up for sale.  You can visit my pattern page HERE,  my Etsy store HERE, my Ravelry store HERE, or my Craftsy store HERE to order yours today.  There is also a finished one for sale on Etsy, and one that comes with a little pig stuffy.


  1. Pretty heart wreath and gloves. And the wiggly giggly piggy blanket is really cute. Have a great day. :)

  2. The piggly blanket is very cute :) Maggie xx

  3. Beautiful work and I love the wiggly giggly piggy blanket!! If you would like to share at our Sharing Saturday at we would love to have you!

  4. Thank you! Hope you will join us again for Sharing Saturday!

  5. I'm relieved to know that the package finally arrived! :) Hope you enjoy your mittens and Canadian chocolate. ;)


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