Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Tuesday Everyone

I have to say EVERYONE at my house was happy to see Monday go this week.  It was just a long tough day for us all for some reason.  I didn't get much done crochet wise last week, but I do have a little bit to show you.  I will start with my which has turned into a one a week here lately but I have been pretty busy. After you finish reading here go over and see what the others have accomplished this week. (click on the link above to get there.)
I do like how the colors are turning out.  Most of them have been combined left over yarn.  It should look like a rainbow by the time it is all done.  I started on the two tone pink one last night and got about half of it finished before the kids went to bed.  I am also working on a scarf for Mom I-L.  It is one of  those ruffle scarfs.  I almost went cross eyed trying to figure out how to use the yarn you do it in but it finally clicked and here is what I have finished so far.

The yarn is hard to find because everyone is selling out of it so fast.  Mom and I drove about an hour to get to the store that had it.  It was a cute little quilt shop that is in a converted house. I wish I had taken some pictures.  I plan to go back because I loved it and did not want to leave.  I have always wanted to learn to quilt and plan to do so one day.  Since we were out and about we just made a day of it.  On our way back to our neck of the woods we stopped at a wonderful little outlet store for Dayspring.  For those of you who have never heard of Dayspring, they are a company who makes inspirational cards and other goodies.  I could also stay in that store all day.  Mom went in for cards and came out with lots of stuff.  Here is a little bit of what I got.

This is my new bag. It says mercy on the front and has cute birds here and there one it.  There is even a bird on the bottom.  There is a scripture on the side.  I just love the inside!!  The color is beautiful and it is silky and has a zipper pocket and some other pockets.  It is huge!! It has a magnetic closure.  (click on the first picture to see it on their website.) Mom got it for me. She said it could be part of my birthday even though it was already over.  I picked sissy one up to use for school.  She has to worst time with her bags holding up to all the stress she puts them through.  We keep telling her that's what they make those niffty things called lockers are for. I forgot to  take a pic of it but here is the one from their website:
 Hope Is in His Unfailing Love - Oil Cloth Tote 
And of course she loved it because it said Hope on it, which just so happens to be her middle name.  If you like these bags they have more on their website.  Just click on the picture of the one above and it will take you right to it.

I picked up this cute notebook set and the pencil case.  The small one on the left is a note book, the big one in the middle is a sketch pad, and the small one one the right is a box with note paper in it.  The note paper in the box and the covers of  all of them are what feels and looks like handmade paper.  Then, it's hard to see in the pic, the covers have embroidery detail as well.  Lets just say I scored all of the things in this picture for less than $10.00.
This is what the back of the bag and the inside of the paper box looks like.  I am using the bag to hold my stitch markers, scissors and such.  I wish I had bought more because they were only two dollars.  Mr. boo got one too and his has a robot on it.  It was just a dollar.  It isn't clear on the back though.
Sissy has been working on her SIBOL squares and is almost finished with the second one.  I need to get busy.  I had planned on having some sent by now.

And this is my latest project.  I am calling it the Wiggles and Giggles blanket.  I ran out of the light blue yarn when I was finishing it up so I had to switch to the white.  I like the way it turned out. The pattern is being tested and will be available soon.  I have more plans (thanks to mom for the ideas) for this little guy though so stay tuned to see what else it might become.  

I forgot to show you these pretties before.  Hubby picked these up for my birthday.  This is , I think, the second time in almost 19 years of marriage that he has brought me home a bouquet of flowers.  He got tickled at me because I started crying like a baby when he brought them in.  And to make it even more romantic, he bought them while he was getting groceries so that I didn't have to get them myself.  AWWWWW!!  Gotta love 'em when they do that.  I will leave you with a few pics of some beautiful sunrises the kids and I shared a couple mornings last week on the way out to school.  They are from two different days.  I took them with my cell phone so just imagine what they looked like in real life. Gotta LOVE living in the country in Arkansas!! Enjoy.

Oh and don't forget about my pattern giveaway HERE. Have a great day all!  I am off to eat some lunch then I have a half day sub job at Mr. boo's school.  


  1. wow you really have had a very busy week. I love your crochet hexi puffs.
    Those bags are just adorable!

  2. love the puffs you are working on..looks like you scored some nice things!

  3. Love everything - especially the 'wiggles and giggles' blanket. :)

  4. LOVE the blanket. My hubby has also only ever bought me flowers twice in the whole time he has known me. (nearly 30 years) so I can just imagine how special that was. :-)

  5. nice projects, and your day of yarn hunting turned into a nice day of shopping

  6. Fun post...you've been a busy bee! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  7. It’s very nice work. I know it takes a lot of time doing this then you should have patience and because of that I really adore those people who have gifts like this.


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